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Article  September 30, 2020

Early Childhood Integrated Data Analytic Self-Assessment Rubric

SRI Authors Howard A. Morrison



Coffey, M., Sirinides, P., & Morrison, H. (2020). Early Childhood Integrated Data Analytic Self-Assessment Rubric. ECDataWorks. 6.


The ECIDS toolkit has seven components (e.g. Purpose and Vision, Planning and Management, Stakeholder Engagement, etc.) and is useful as a self-assessment tool and roadmap for improving ECIDS. ECDataWorks and partner states propose developing an ECIDS data analytic self-assessment tool for states that focuses on the process of translating ECIDS data to information to action. This process typically involves the design, development, and implementation of analytic tools. Designing, developing, and implementing analytic tools is challenging for several reasons

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