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Tech Report  August 1, 2012

Evaluation of the California Subject Matter Project: Cross Case Summary


SRI has collaborated with the California Subject Matter Project (CSMP) for the past 10 years to provide the Project with both an external evaluation of its professional development work as well as technical assistance in its efforts towards continuous improvement. As part of this work, the CSMP asked SRI to conduct case studies to describe the work of each of the projects, some of the challenges they have addressed, and reported outcomes for the districts, schools, teachers, and students they have worked with. SRI staff collaborated with CSMP leadership to identify sites within their projects that had programs or partnerships that could be used to illustrate the work of the CSMP. The resulting 10 case studies, conducted over a 4-year period from 2009 to 2012, described some of the ways that the CSMP has helped meet the professional development needs of the teachers who are responsible for improving the achievement of students in their classrooms.

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