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Journal Article  April 1, 1998

Family Outcomes in Early Intervention: A Framework for Program Evaluation and Efficacy Research

SRI Authors Kathleen M. Hebbeler, Donna Spiker



Bailey, D. B., Jr., McWilliam, R. A., Darkes, L. A., Hebbeler, K., Simeonsson, R. J., Spiker, D., & Wagner, M. (1998). Family outcomes in early intervention: A framework for program evaluation and efficacy research. Exceptional Children, 64(3), 313-328.


Much of the focus on the relationship between parents and professionals in early intervention has been on the rationale for working with families and the processes by which that rationale should be implemented. Although some discussion has occurred regarding desired outcomes, approaches and strategies by which the attainment of family outcomes could be documented have not been widely discussed or agreed upon by the field. In this article we suggest eight questions that could serve as a framework for determining the extent to which early intervention has accomplished the goals inherent in a family-centered approach. Conceptual issues and methodological considerations associated with documenting these outcomes are presented, and recommendations regarding implementation and future directions are made.

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