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Tech Report  November 20, 2019

Oakland Health Career Pathways: Resource Study



APA Consulting. (2019). Oakland Health Career Pathways: Resource Study.


The Oakland Health Pathways Project (OHPP) is a joint initiative of OUSD, the Alameda Health System, and the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency. The initiative is designed to improve educational and long-term employment outcomes for youth of color in Oakland (Alameda County), California, while expanding and diversifying the local health care workforce. OHPP began in 2014 with funding from The Atlantic Philanthropies, a limited-life foundation. The primary purpose of this cost study was to determine the resources necessary to implement health career pathways in OUSD at the school and district levels. This cost study was focused on costs incurred by OUSD and did not capture any costs incurred by industry partners or any in-kind resources they provide to the district. The secondary goals of this cost study were to determine how these pathways are currently sustained, how they will be sustained in the future, and what funds are used to help implement these pathways. Further, this report is intended to help other communities better understand the potential costs of implementing health career pathways. It is designed not to be a how-to guide, but instead to help school districts plan for the associated costs.

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