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Extant Data Analysis

To document the effects of programs and policies, SRI's education researchers perform extant data analysis, drawing from national, state, and local data. We use this extant data to document program implementation, study trends in the teacher workforce, examine student achievement and other outcomes, and track changes in educator attitudes and practices.


Evaluation of Oakland Health Pathways Project

SRI is studying efforts by Oakland Unified School District and partners encourage interest and support success for underrepresented minority and low-income youth to pursue careers in health care.

high school students working at computers in a row

Evaluation of CSU Chico's TQP Grant: PRISMS

SRI is evaluating efforts to increase the capacity of teachers from diverse backgrounds to teach to Next Generation Science and Common Core standards in rural California middle and high schools.

teacher engaging with students in a group setting with laptop

Analytics for Learning

Through A4L, we are exploring the measurement of noncognitive factors, learning processes, and learning behaviors in digital learning environments.

teacher standing amongst a seated group of students

Evaluation of the New Generation of Educators Initiative

This is a study of a multiyear effort to ensure that the California State University teacher preparation programs are producing the teachers California K–12 school districts will need as they complete their transition to new standards.