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Behavioral Health

Poor social skills, emotional health issues, and behavioral health problems are on the rise among students in general education settings. Students with or at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders, with learning disabilities, and those who experience acute or chronic trauma often face serious behavioral and academic challenges. Some sources estimate that about one-third of students fail to learn because of psychosocial problems that interfere with their ability to engage in instructional activities.

By evaluating school-based behavioral health interventions and professional development efforts, SRI provides high-quality evidence and actionable recommendations for improving students’ behavior and academic competencies. Our goal is to help district and school personnel develop supportive environments and implement effective strategies and policies that promote positive behavior, enhance protective factors, increase academic engagement, and improve academic performance.


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Success Predictors in Postsecondary STEM Education and Employment for Students with Autism

SRI examined data on 900 young adults with autism to characterize their school and career choices after high school.

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Factors in Positive Outcomes for Children & Youth with Autism

SRI examined the effectiveness of academic, social/behavioral, and vocational interventions for students with autism.

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National Behavior Research Coordination Center

Through the Center, SRI conducted randomized trials of interventions for students with severe behavior problems in first through third grades.

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Efficacy Study of Check & Connect to Improve Student Outcomes

SRI is evaluating the efficacy of a program promoting school success and completion for students at high risk of school failure and dropout.