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Biofuels and Bioproducts

Growing global energy demands and the shortcomings of traditional fossil fuels make it vital to seek alternatives, including ways to convert biomass to clean fuels. For commercial and government clients, SRI develops cost-effective and environmentally sound processes to extract energy from biomass and other solid fuels.

With more than 30 years of experience in chemical and fuel process engineering, SRI has developed methods for rapid analysis of transportation fuels and novel catalytic processes for upgrading fuels. SRI also provides the engineering services required to integrate unit operations into a unified pilot plant. Together with clients, we are advancing toward a cleaner energy future.

Services and assets for the biomass community include:

  • Equipment and tools to understand the fundamentals of gasification, pyrolysis, and combustion

  • World-class expertise to optimize the production and recovery of valuable products

  • System design and modeling, analysis of lifecycle costs, and carbon footprinting tools

  • Site identification and selection


researcher analyzing biocrude oil

Biocrude Oil from Algal Biomass

An SRI-led team is improving a new two-step process for the production of transportation fuels from microalgae.

two researchers looking at computer screens

MetaCyc Metabolic Pathway Database

MetaCyc is a curated database of experimentally elucidated metabolic pathways from all domains of life. MetaCyc contains 2500 pathways from 2800 organisms.

artist's rendering of a lump of coal with black oil dripping from it

Coal to Liquid Fuels via Methanol

SRI has developed a green, cost-effective approach to create liquid fuels from existing natural resources.