Biomedical Sciences and Health

Solving global health problems through drug discovery and development, clinical medicine, bioinformatics, genetics, neuroscience, health sciences, and medical device research and development

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Through interdisciplinary research, SRI provides a wide range of biosciences and health services. We integrate all R&D resources necessary to take drugs from initial discovery to Investigational New Drug applications, and conduct basic research in health sciences. We also perform bioinformatics research using computational approaches to address challenges in systems biology, and engineer novel medical and surgical devices.

Contract Research Services

SRI Biosciences offers a broad array of contract R&D services, from in vivo assays to Phase 1 clinical trials.

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Drug Discovery and Development

SRI Biosciences conducts drug discovery and development to take drugs from ideas to Investigational New Drug status (Idea to IND and Beyond®). SRI's pipeline has produced several marketed drugs and advanced well over 100 drugs to clinical trials. We are also a leading drug discovery contractor and preclinical development contractor for several government agencies, including the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Learn more about:

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Health Sciences

SRI's Health Sciences Section, part of SRI Biosciences, conducts basic research and contract R&D to advance programs in sleep, cognition, pain, addiction, aging, obesity, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. We also strive to determine the environmental, behavioral, and biological contributors to human health and illness. Learn more about:

Medical Device Development

SRI’s multidisciplinary engineering has led to advanced medical and surgical devices such as novel diagnostic and drug delivery tools and devices sized for pediatric use. Learn more about:

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SRI's interdisciplinary scientists develop tools, software, databases, and ontologies to manage and analyze the burgeoning quantities of biological data and knowledge now available. These tools can be applied to applications ranging from accelerating drug discovery to developing new biofuels. Learn more about:

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