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Carbon Capture and Separation

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are a serious threat to the environment and to global health. SRI develops renewable energy solutions to minimize or eliminate the production of unwanted CO2 from sources such as conventional power plants. Our innovative methods help address the cost-efficiency challenges that traditional carbon capture processes present.

SRI has extensive experience working with clients to scale up next-generation carbon capture concepts, taking them from the laboratory to pilot scale. We also bring value to clients by offering

  • Diverse carbon capture approaches
  • Novel concepts to address emerging environmental concepts
  • Multidisciplinary expertise in materials science and catalysis
  • Process modeling and cost estimation
  • Project management for multi-year government and industry projects


SRI researcher working on SRI's mixed- salt process

Mixed Salt Process for Carbon Dioxide Separation

SRI’s mixed salt process uses known solvents in a new way to dramatically improve the economics of carbon capture.

hollow fiber membrane being inserted into a pressure value

High-Temp Membrane for Energy-Efficient Gas Separation

SRI’s hollow fiber membrane separates hydrogen from carbon dioxide at high temperatures and improves the economics of carbon capture from IGCC plants.

power plant

Carbon Capture from IGCC Gas Streams Using AC-ABC Process

SRI's process produces pure hydrogen while capturing carbon dioxide and acid gases.