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Case Studies in Education

Developing a deep, on-the-ground understanding of the particular program or policy of interest often requires case studies. SRI's education researchers conduct case studies in education that draw on interview, focus group, document, and observation data. We use education case studies to understand why local implementation looks the way it does, how implementation varies, and the factors that support or hinder successful implementation and outcomes.


STEM elementary school students

Developing a Model of STEM-Focused Elementary Schools (eSTEM)

SRI and George Mason University are conducting a multi-year exploratory study to develop a logic model of STEM-focused elementary (eSTEM) schools

Evaluation of Oakland Health Pathways Project

SRI is studying efforts by Oakland Unified School District and partners encourage interest and support success for underrepresented minority and low-income youth to pursue careers in health care.

teacher working with two high school students at computers

Evaluation of IDEA Public Schools’ Race to the Top—District Grant

SRI is studying the implementation and impact of three IDEA Public Schools initiatives designed to individualize learning, funded by the federal Race to the Top-District grant.

four teen students walking together

Evaluation of CAPP Demonstration Partnership Projects

SRI’s evaluation of the California Academic Partnership Program’s Demonstration Partnership Project will look at the formation and progress of 11 partnerships that aim to establish seamless transitions for all students from high school to postsecondary and strengthen the quality of instruction...