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Catalysis—changes in chemical reactions when a catalyst is applied—can translate into energy savings, less pollution, fewer side products, and lower-cost reactor materials. Of special interest today is the key role catalysis plays in renewable energy, such as obtaining fuels from biomass or enabling the use of fuel cells.

SRI's catalysis techniques can accelerate deployment of renewable energy processes and lessen the environmental footprint of industry. Chemical companies turn to SRI for new ways to reduce manufacturing costs or as they plan to enter new markets.

Expertise includes:

  • High-throughput synthesis and screening

  • Polymerization catalysts

  • Hydrocarbon conversion catalysts

  • Light gas conversions and separations

SRI helps clients overcome efficiency roadblocks associated with renewable energy, enabling them to leap ahead of the competition in implementing “greener” manufacturing.


artist's rendering of a lump of coal with black oil dripping from it

Coal to Liquid Fuels via Methanol

SRI has developed a green, cost-effective approach to create liquid fuels from existing natural resources.