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Chemistry, Materials & Energy

We drive scientific advances to help you develop new approaches, applications and products.

SRI solves emerging challenges in sustainability, green chemistry, polymers, chemical synthesis, and analytical chemistry. From basic research to pilot tests and commercialization, our teams are expert in the most forward-looking scientific and business trends in the chemical industry.

We provide proven expertise in catalysis, polymer science, small-molecule synthesis, fuel science, energy production and storage, microfluidics, microfabrication, mass spectrometry, microengineering, statistical analysis, and chemical engineering.

SRI Ideation Workshops

Coming up with Big Ideas is easy. Turning Big Ideas into concrete reality is where SRI Ideation Workshops come in. Over a concentrated period of time, our Ideation Workshops help you develop clear roadmaps to take your most ambitious, most meaningful projects from initial proof of concept to market.

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