Chemistry and Materials

Meeting important client needs in materials science, chemistry and chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, optics, physics, sensors, drug discovery and development, energy efficiency, and structural design—from basic research to pilot tests and commercialization

scientist wearing a clean room suit

Recent advances in chemistry and materials science are leading to new approaches, applications, markets, and products. SRI offers diverse technical expertise to address important needs in chemistry, physics, drug discovery, materials science, mechanics, optics, and pilot-scale chemical engineering. For government and commercial clients, SRI offers fundamental and applied research, laboratory experiments, computer simulations, pilot-scale testing, systems development, and product commercialization.

SRI's scientists and engineers are experts in chemical engineering, chemistry and materials research, mechanical engineering, fracture mechanics, applied coating technologies, electronic materials, catalysis, polymers, chemical engineering science, microscopy, custom chemical synthesis, and more. Our interdisciplinary teams focus on the integration of new technologies to provide solutions to existing and anticipated challenges.