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Community College: Reform to Support Real-World Learning

To improve post-secondary educational programs, policymakers and institutional leaders need a better understanding of how educators set learning goals, measure student learning, and build capacity for educating a diverse range of adult learners. SRI has contributed to this agenda in two ways: By developing and testing new systems that help postsecondary educators measure real world learning, and by developing and testing online methods that help faculty adopt real world instructional materials and teaching practices. This work has spanned community college programs in developmental education, academic transfer, and workforce training.


Microlessons to Build Readiness in the Cybersecurity Workforce

Fostering cybersecurity learning by offering concise “microlesson” content on smartphones.

Statewide Evaluation of Career and Technical Education Programs

Through an evaluation of career and technical education programs in Texas, SRI will determine what makes high-quality programs sustainable and scalable.

four teen students walking together

Evaluation of the CAPP Demonstration Partnerships

SRI’s evaluation of the California Academic Partnership Program’s Demonstration Partnership Project will look at the formation and progress of 11 partnerships that aim to establish seamless transitions for all students from high school to postsecondary and strengthen the quality of instruction...


Modeling Social Complexity in Education

SRI and partners are modeling the complexities of STEM education to derive innovative approaches to workforce preparation.