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Early Childhood

A high-quality preschool experience can help close achievement gaps. Federal, state, and local programs and policies are being designed to promote the healthy development of young children and to reduce academic deficits in early childhood education, which can begin before kindergarten. Collecting, analyzing, and applying high-quality information is critical to guide and improve programs and policies.

The Early Childhood Program at SRI's Center for Learning & Development helps policymakers, funders, and practitioners improve the implementation and effectiveness of these programs and policies through its early childhood education research services and products. The program also supports accountability efforts to verify that public and private funds are invested wisely.

Research in early childhood education has shown that new media, including videos and computer games, also have a potentially important role in supporting learning in early childhood. Research from SRI's Center for Technology in Learning shows how, through the joint engagement of children and their caregivers, new media can address important needs, such as improving poor students' early reading and science skills.


Santa Clara County Office of Education Strong Start Pay for Success Feasibility Study

SRI partnered with the Santa Clara County Office of Education on its Preschool Development Grants–Preschool Pay for Success Feasibility Pilot grant to study using a Pay for Success (PFS) model to initiate and/or expand a high-quality preschool program intended to improve learning outcomes for the...

Collaborative Math: Creating Sustainable Excellence in Mathematics for Head Start Programs

With the Erikson Institute, SRI is exploring the promise of Collaborative Math in promoting math learning in Head Start centers in the city of Chicago.

Virginia Preschool Initiative - Plus (VPI+) Comprehensive Evaluation

SRI is evaluating the implementation and impact of Virginia's use of federal funding to increase access to and improve the quality of state-funded preschool in 13 school districts in high-need communities.

teacher working with kindergarten students

Enhancement of a K-3 Formative Assessment

SRI is working with two research partners and a 10-state consortium to enhance and implement a developmentally appropriate K-3 formative assessment that will fit within and inform everyday classroom instruction.