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Energy Security

Access to reliable and affordable energy is important to national security. Some energy resources, such as oil, are not evenly distributed across the world. Energy supplies can also be disrupted by intentional or unintentional break-downs in the infrastructure required to produce or distribute energy. SRI research expands the mix of economically viable energy resources and protects energy infrastructure.


SRI's proof-of-concept system

Conformable Natural Gas Tanks

SRI is developing a safe, low-pressure, conformable natural gas tank for light-duty vehicles.

canisters of hydrogen stacked up next to a flammability warning sign

Hydrogen Safety Research Program

SRI has partnered with Sandia National Laboratories to provide the data necessary to ensure that hydrogen can be used safely as a transportation fuel.

artist's rendering of a lump of coal with black oil dripping from it

Coal to Liquid Fuels via Methanol

SRI has developed a green, cost-effective approach to create liquid fuels from existing natural resources.

people in a computer server room

Cyber Security Research & Development Center

SRI provides technical, management, and subject matter expert support for the wide range of research, development, testing, evaluation, and transition activities conducted through the Center.