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Genetic Toxicology

A pioneer in genetic toxicology, SRI has developed and validated many currently used assays, and helped to establish the genotoxicity test guidelines used by industry today. SRI also contributed a large amount of data to the genetic toxicology databases of the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Toxicology Program.

In addition to routine genetic toxicology testing services, SRI offers extensive experience in solving unique genetic toxicology problems related to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, chemicals such as dyes and inks, agrochemicals, and medical devices.

Related Services

ICH Core Battery

  • Ames test microbial mutagenesis

  • Mouse lymphoma gene mutation

  • In vitro and in vivo chromosome aberration

  • In vivo micronucleus

  • In vitro and in vivo sister-chromatid exchange assays

  • Unscheduled DNA synthesis

Other Genetic Endpoints

  • Quantitative PCR and RT-PCR

  • Biodistribution, persistence, integration

  • Mutation analysis

  • FISH cytogenetic analysis

  • Microarray analysis

  • Target gene expression

  • Customized, molecular endpoints


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Toxicological Evaluation of Novel Ligands Program

For the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), SRI performs preclinical safety and pharmacokinetics studies for brain imaging agents and drugs to treat mental illnesses.