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Learning Technologies

Today's students must have the right knowledge and skills to succeed in the 21st century. SRI sees technology as a tool for improving teaching and learning. Learning technologies can be applied to formative assessments of student learning, enhance the curriculum, and support sustainable advances in instructional strategies and teacher professional development.

SRI's Center for Technology in Learning uses technology to enable students to learn important but difficult concepts and skills. The Center helps teachers and schools learn to harness technologies such as visualizations of mathematical relationships, technologies that enable effective peer collaboration, and formative assessments that provide nearly instant feedback to guide teaching and learning.

Center researchers often design formative assessment techniques, as well as new teaching and learning approaches for and study innovations in settings where students face challenges of poverty and other inequities. Our goal is to enable all students to acquire the knowledge and skills they most need to succeed in the 21st century.


Efficacy Study of an Integrated Digital Elementary School Mathematics Curriculum

SRI is conducting a multi-year study that examines whether and how an elementary digital math curriculum can improve student learning. The study involves about 3,500 fifth-grade students from 47 schools in the state of West Virginia.

Adaptive Learning Market Acceleration Program (ALMAP) Evaluation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contracted with SRI International to aggregate and analyze the ALMAP data. SRI assembled learning impact, cost and satisfaction findings across the portfolio of ALMAP grantee product evaluations.

Thinking Outside the Box: Integrating Dynamic Math to Advance Computational Thinking for Diverse Student Populations

SRI is studying the integration of computer science and mathematics concepts in a middle school course, with a goal to explain students' learning of four concepts that are part of both disciplines.

high school students working at computers

EdReady Evaluation

For the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, SRI is conducting an evaluation of EdReady, an online instructional system that assesses math readiness and tailors instruction based on students’ individual needs.