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Pharmaceutical R&D

A solid R&D platform is the foundation of a successful pharmaceutical program. Government and industry clients at all stages of the drug discovery cycle turn to SRI Biosciences to rapidly identify and optimize new drug leads and move them toward preclinical development.

SRI Biosciences applies its more than 50 years of experience to solve challenges in formulation, drug delivery development, and the characterization of small molecule drugs and biologics.

SRI's approach to drug formulation is customized to the needs of clients and partners. Services range from the preparation of dose formulations for preclinical in vitro and in vivo safety studies, to the design of finished product dosage forms for clinical trials.

SRI also provides pharmaceutical R&D support and services in these areas:

Our pharmaceutical R&D services meet worldwide stringent regulatory requirements. SRI studies are conducted under current Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations.


hand holding a petri dish of bacterial culture up to the light

Vitamin A Biosynthesis in Probiotic Bacteria

Vitamin A deficiency causes susceptibility — especially in children — to diarrhea-causing infections, which lead to millions of deaths each year. SRI is developing a probiotic that produces the vitamin.

scientist working with a chelating agent

Oral Formulation of DTPA to Counter Radiation Exposure

A new oral version of a known chelating agent can defend against mass radiation exposure in a terrorist attack.

scientist checking a batch of vaccines

Needle-Free Transmucosal Drug Delivery System

SRI has patented a novel approach to vaccine delivery that is safe for pediatric use, eliminating the need for painful injections.

scientist with a computer model of a molecular structure

Bis-Indole Drug Discovery in Multiple Therapeutic Areas

SRI is identifying candidates for advanced therapies in multiple disease areas by developing compounds from synthetically optimized, natural dietary products.