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Policy Analysis

SRI's education researchers analyze education policies to help policymakers make objective, data-driven decisions. Through policy analysis, we investigate the intricacies of policy implementation in the real world and pinpoint the factors that facilitate or constrain success.

SRI uses educational evaluation and policy analysis designs that isolate the effects of policies to provide policymakers and the public with practical insights and recommendations that advance educational outcomes for all students.


National Survey on Strategies to Help At-Risk Students Graduate

Intended for practitioners and policymakers, this series of issue briefs is addressing the gap in knowledge about the prevalence and characteristics of high school improvement strategies designed to help at-risk students graduate.

teacher working with kindergarten students on a project

Independent Evaluation of the Social Impact Bond-funded Child-Parent Center Expansion Project

SRI Education is evaluating the use of social impact bonds in early childhood.

young students standing in a group

An Unfinished Canvas: Arts Education in California

To inform California policymakers, SRI examined student access to arts education in California schools and conducted follow-up studies examining factors influencing K-12 arts education. The research resulted in a series of reports.

school buses traveling down rural road

Study of Experiences and Needs of REAP Grantees

SRI's descriptive study of the Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP), involving approximately 6,000 grantees across the country, will help inform discussions about program reauthorization.