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Program Design and Implementation

SRI's Center for Science, Technology, and Economic Development covers the entire spectrum of program design and implementation activities to help clients become more innovative and competitive. SRI researchers

  • Evaluate program feasibility

  • Define institutional structures

  • Provide detailed technical assistance on program components

  • Address environmental requirements

  • Conduct cost-benefit studies and alternative analyses


National Survey on Strategies to Help At-Risk Students Graduate

Intended for practitioners and policymakers, this series of issue briefs is addressing the gap in knowledge about the prevalence and characteristics of high school improvement strategies designed to help at-risk students graduate.

Evaluation of College-Ready Writers Program-SEED

The ability to write well-reasoned, well-supported arguments is a key skill for success in college, career, and civic society. Yet most students in U.S. secondary schools lack proficiency in argument writing. The National Writing Project developed the College-Ready Writers Program (CRWP) to support...

Efficacy Study of an Integrated Digital Elementary School Mathematics Curriculum

SRI is conducting a multi-year study that examines whether and how an elementary digital math curriculum can improve student learning. The study involves about 3,500 fifth-grade students from 47 schools in the state of West Virginia.

teacher working with student on science project

Developmental Study of the National Writing Project’s SEED Science Writing Inquiry

In partnership with the National Writing Project, SRI is investigating the development of good evidence-based science writing in the middle school classroom.