Quantum Sensing

Quantum physics—also known as quantum mechanics—has triggered a dramatic leap forward for science and technology. Since the mid-1980s, the reality of quantum effects, formerly thought to be "unphysical", has been proven through experiments. Researchers in SRI's Applied Quantum Systems group investigate novel applications of quantum effects, including:

Applied Quantum Systems

  • New sensors based on atomtronics imaging
  • Quantum coherent mechanisms in biological vision systems
  • Applications of the selective detection of entangled photons (i.e., biphotons)
  • Improved atomic clocks
  • Solar energy: biological quantum mechanisms in photosynthesis and enzyme action adapted to man-made energy collection/transport/storage systems
  • Nanoscale systems
  • Portable ultra-high-vacuum Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC) and cold-atom systems based on novel glass/silicon technology
  • Fabrication of miniature quantum-computing qubit cells

Radar, Signal Processing, and Exploitation

  • Coherent multi-platform, multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) methods
  • Unconventional illumination sources
  • Exploitation of target coherent properties
  • Information optimization for tracking and sensor management, including variational data assimilation for exploiting sensor data

Press Releases

SRI International, an independent nonprofit research institute, announced it will expand its operations in Ann Arbor, Michigan. SRI, based in Menlo Park, California, opened its Ann Arbor location in January 2008.

Topics: Quantum Sensing