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Research into Practice and Scale-up

SRI's Center for Technology in Learning helps innovators translate research into practice and scale-up in schools, museums, and other educational settings. The Center also integrates educational materials and processes to scale from a few schools to large districts, regions, and states.

In response to specific policy and product development needs, the Center can assemble customized, synergistic research briefings, co-design new products and processes, and design research and evaluation plans that complement efforts to change practice at a large scale.


Collaborative Math: Creating Sustainable Excellence in Mathematics for Head Start Programs

With the Erikson Institute, SRI is exploring the promise of Collaborative Math in promoting math learning in Head Start centers in the city of Chicago.

Virginia Preschool Initiative - Plus (VPI+) Comprehensive Evaluation

SRI is evaluating the implementation and impact of Virginia's use of federal funding to increase access to and improve the quality of state-funded preschool in 13 school districts in high-need communities.

Evaluation of the New Teacher Center i3 Scale-Up Grant

SRIʼs four-year evaluation has a randomized controlled trial design to assess the implementation and impact of NTCʼs intensive new teacher mentoring and support in five geographically diverse districts.

College, Career, and Community Writers Program Evaluation

The National Writing Project’s College, Career, and Community Writers Program (C3WP) supports the teaching of argument writing through the integration of professional development, instructional resources, and formative assessment. In a previous study, SRI found that C3WP positively impacted...