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School Improvement

Reforming schools to achieve better educational outcomes is at the top of most national, state, and local school improvement agendas. SRI partners with policymakers, administrators, and educators to identify desired school improvement plans, educational outcomes and strategies to achieve them, and to find ways to collect and use data to monitor progress.

SRI's Center for Education and Human Services provides support in these areas and more:

  • Aligning curriculum, instruction, technology, and assessments

  • Achievement monitoring

  • Meaningful parent and community involvement

  • Targeted professional development for teachers and administrators

SRI's Center for Education Policy has a long history of studying reform of the prekindergarten-16 education system, with a special emphasis on efforts to improve outcomes for disadvantaged students. The Center provides support in these areas and more:

  • Evaluation of national, state, and local education policies and initiatives

  • Alternative school models, such as charter schools, early college high schools, and career and technical education schools

SRI's Center for Technology in Learning emphasizes the integration of the curriculum, technology, pedagogy, professional development, assessments, and leadership. Using design experiments and qualitative and quantitative methods, the Center creates innovative yet practical approaches and identifies factors that make a difference in the classroom and online learning settings.

Systems Change and Innovation in Education

SRI works with funders and other innovators to design, implement, and evaluate systems change, resulting in meaningful and sustainable changes in education, social service, health delivery, and workforce development. SRI evaluates these efforts by addressing the implementation process and the extent to which desired outcomes are realized.

SRI's systems perspective encompasses understanding the complex context in which projects and policies are implemented, exploring interactions among multiple variables, being attuned to small changes, and looking for discontinuities and patterns.


Evaluation of the Engage New England Initiative

Through its evaluation of the Engage New England initiative, SRI is helping the Barr Foundation and the broader education community better understand how to design and implement innovative schools for students who are off track to graduate high school.

Efficacy Study of Foundations, School-wide Positive Discipline for Middle Schools

Foundations is a comprehensive approach to behavior management that guides school staff in designing a proactive and positive schoolwide discipline plan. Foundations is designed to help educators and support staff expand skills in effective supervision, discipline, positive behavior support, and...

Evaluation of IDEA Public Schools Charter School Program Grant

This is a study of IDEA school model implementation and of the growth of a charter school system during a four-year expansion in the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, and Austin.

Regional Educational Laboratory—Appalachia

REL Appalachia works in partnership with school districts, state departments of education, and other education stakeholders in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia to develop high-quality research and to use and disseminate research findings to improve student outcomes.