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Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education

SRI's education researchers share a passion for enabling all students to learn advanced, conceptual, and challenging aspects of science, technology, engineering, and  math (STEM) that are essential for life in the 21st century. To meet this goal, SRI’s researchers

  • Co-design new STEM materials and approaches with experts in schools, universities, and other organizations

  • Investigate promising and transformative ways of using new technologies

  • Study the implementation of curricular innovations

  • Provide a scientifically grounded perspective on the challenges of improving policies and practices

Our synergistic teams have the ability to examine all aspects of a curricular activity system, including curricular innovation, pedagogy, technology, assessment, and leadership.


STEM elementary school students

Developing a Model of STEM-Focused Elementary Schools (eSTEM)

SRI and George Mason University are conducting a multi-year exploratory study to develop a logic model of STEM-focused elementary (eSTEM) schools

elementary chemistry

Next Generation Science Assessment

A multi-institutional collaborative is developing classroom-ready assessment tasks for teachers to gain insights into their students’ proficiency with the Next Generation Science Standards

Efficacy Study of an Integrated Digital Elementary School Mathematics Curriculum

SRI is conducting a multi-year study that examines whether and how an elementary digital math curriculum can improve student learning. The study involves about 3,500 fifth-grade students from 47 schools in the state of West Virginia.

Thinking Outside the Box: Integrating Dynamic Math to Advance Computational Thinking for Diverse Student Populations

SRI is studying the integration of computer science and mathematics concepts in a middle school course, with a goal to explain students' learning of four concepts that are part of both disciplines.