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Solar Technology

The sun offers a clean and infinite source of energy that can be stored and used flexibly and cost-effectively. Over several decades, the work of SRI researchers has resulted in more than a dozen U.S. and international patents. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to conduct a wide range of solar experiments.

SRI has advanced solar technology in many ways, including:

  • A licensable process for manufacturing solar-grade silicon that is low-cost, high-purity, ready for large-scale production, and requiring much less capital expenditure compared to other approaches

  • A novel application of SRI's pilot-scale fluidized bed reactor that allows for continuous and competitive silicon production

  • Novel application of graphene for certain kinds of photovoltaic cells

  • Development of diffusion, metallization, and passivation technologies

  • Economic analyses of the production of solar cells and modules for plant yield improvement

  • Consultation with large corporations seeking to acquire solar cell producers and to enter the solar cell value chain

  • Non-imaging optical design for solar power applications

  • Development of crystalline and thin-film solar cells