Unmanned Robotics Perception

Situational awareness, visual navigation, and safe operations are critical necessities for the autonomous maneuvering of unmanned ground vehicles and robots. SRI offers real-time computer vision systems that perform unmanned robotics perception, and help keep operators out of harm’s way.

Unmanned Robotics Perception for the Military

Unmanned robotics perception is poised to bring a new level of safety to the battlefield. Our visual navigation technology provides autonomous ground vehicles with accurate navigation, following, and retro-traverse capabilities.

SRI offers road awareness technologies for obstacle detection and classification, which enable an unmanned ground vehicle to safely navigate various terrains in dynamic and cluttered environments. Our real-time computer vision systems allow an autonomous ground vehicle to complete dangerous tasks while maintaining awareness of its location and the objects or people surrounding it.

Autonomous Ground Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems

The versatility of SRI’s technology allows an unmanned robotics vehicle to sense, map, plan and move in 3D spaces—navigating pathways, understanding environments through detection of threats, and mapping of uncharted areas. They can also geo-locate targets or detect and find people. In the commercial sector, unmanned robotic devices and vehicles assist first responders in emergency situations—exploring potentially hazardous areas without endangering human life.


green boxes highlighting people walking on street

SRI’s vision-based systems enable safe operations of moving unmanned ground vehicles around stationary and moving people in urban or cluttered environments.

illustration of a security camera with watching eyes

SRI’s visual intelligence system could enable a new era in unmanned robotic surveillance.

the ARM-H robotic hand

SRI and partners are developing highly dexterous low-cost robotic hands for military applications and other real-world uses.

Products & Solutions

engineers working on an embedded vision system for UAVs

SRI offers a portfolio of computer vision hardware and video processing software for real-time embedded systems development.

SRI is developing Taurus, a potentially life-saving telemanipulation tool for military and domestic bomb squads to defuse vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs). Following field trials, Taurus is being actively transitioned for commercial transfer. A regional bomb squad has been...

man remotely guiding a surgical robot

SRI’s telerobotic surgical system, M7, expands the reach of surgical intervention by enhancing the precision of minimally invasive procedures and enabling surgeons to operate from afar.

electroadhesion demonstrated with a wall-climbing robot

SRI’s breakthrough electroadhesion technology, available for license, allows electrically controlled reversible adhesion
 to most surfaces.

electroadhesive surface-climbing robot

SRI offers licenseable surface- and wall-climbing robot prototypes for surveillance, inspection, and sensor placement applications.

Press Releases

recovery of Bluefin-12 S from A-frame

Advanced hydrocarbon survey capabilities of the integrated system are ideally suited for oil and gas data collection requirements.

SRI will demonstrate its Taurus robot, a high fidelity telemanipulation tool with a 3D HD display.

In 2004, Carnegie Mellon University selected SRI's pioneering “Shakey” robot for induction into the Robot Hall of Fame

SRI In the News


As robots have gotten more sophisticated and costs have dropped, they are taking on new roles in the civilian government workspace. Robot designers, including SRI's Rich Mahoney, underscore three key areas of development.


This news story focuses on how robotics is benefiting manufacturing and service industries while helping to keep jobs in the U.S. The story includes an interview with Rich Mahoney,director of SRI’s Robotics Program.


Fast moving cameras often generate distorted and blurred images. SRI proposes a motion adaptive signal integration (MASI) algorithm that operates the sensor at a high frame rate, with real-time alignment of individual image frames to form an enhanced quality video output.

Blog Posts

As the robotics revolution takes place all around us, SRI is advancing the robotics conversation and the research and technology development that will bring whole new robotics approaches to the market.