Journal Article September 1, 1983

Metarules As Meta-Node-Admissibility Conditions

...rules still remains. In the present paper we explore a view of metarules as meta-node-admissibility conditions (MNACs) which allows a non-generative interpretation of metarules. Under such an interpretation, an MPS...

Journal Article June 1, 1975

Expanding the Utility of Semantic Networks Through Partitioning

An augmentation of semantic networks is presented in which the various nodes and arcs are partitioned into “net spaces”. These net spaces delimit the scopes of quantified variables, distinguish hypothetical...

Journal Article March 1, 1970

Resolution Graphs

This paper introduces a new notation, called “resolution graphs,” for deduction by resolution in first-order predicate calculus. A resolution graph consists of groups of nodes that represent initial clauses of...

Journal Article January 1, 1993

The Design and Assessment of A Hypermedia Course on Semiconductor Manufacturing

...of course nodes viewed). Effects of navigation method, prior knowledge, and pre-instruction interest on nodes viewed (by media type and topic area), were also assessed. Results suggest that subjects who...

Conference Paper February 1, 2014

Software-Defined Cyber-Physical Multinetworks

...sensor nodes, making this application representative for cost, networking and deployment issues of the eventdriven highdensity IoT application class. In the simplest star topology, the sensor nodes connect directly to...

Conference Paper June 1, 2014

Heterogeneity of Alcohol Effects on Nodes of Frontocerebellar and Limbic Circuitry: Evidence from the US-France Collaborative Study

Article June 1, 2010

A New Look at Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction (Lenr) Research: a Response to Shanahan

Article January 1, 2008

Envr 91-Overview of LENR Research: Critical Steps on the Pathway to Technology

Article January 1, 2011

Cerebral Blood Flow in Posterior Cortical Nodes of the Default Mode Network Decreases with Task Engagement But Remains Higher Than in Most Brain Regions

Conference Paper October 1, 2014

A Framework for High-Assurance Quasi-Synchronous Systems

...the Robot Operating System (ROS). It consists of nodes that encapsulate computation and topic channels that are used for communicating between nodes. The nodes execute with a fixed period with...

Conference Paper January 1, 2009

Distributed Multi-Sensor Fusion for Improved Collaborative GPS-Denied Navigation

This paper addresses the problem of determining high accuracy absolute and relative 3-D positions of mobile sensor network nodes by fusing inertial and radio frequency (RF) ranging measurements to support...

Conference Paper January 1, 2008

Collaborative Effects of Mobile Sensor Network Localization through Distributed Fusion of Multi-Modal Navigations

This paper addresses the problem of localizing both absolute and relative 3-D positions of mobile sensor network nodes by fusing inertial measurements and radio frequency (RF) ranging measurements. Four online...

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