Article January 1, 2015

Effects of Tidal Forcing, Conductivity Gradient, and Active Seeding on the Climatology of Equatorial Spread F over Kwajalein

...maxima occur can be predicted in terms of the day of year, when E region sunset is simultaneous in conjugate hemispheres (i.e., “sunset nodes”). Aside from occurrences around equinoxes, there...

Conference Paper December 1, 1998

Efficient Lattice Representation and Generation

...with trigram language models. Backed-off trigram probabilities are encoded without node duplication by factoring the probabilities into bigram probabilities and backoff weights, and duplicating nodes only for explicit trigrams. Experiments...

Conference Paper October 1, 2014

Adaptive Interest Modeling Improves Content Services at the Network Edge

...user information needs at the network layer. AIM works by continuously monitoring network events at each node, and incrementally processing them to build an interest model (IM) for the node....

Innovation, Story October 1, 2014


...Kleinrock’s laboratory at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to the second network node at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) at 22:30 hours on October 29, 1969. In an interview about...

Conference Paper September 1, 2011

Tracking Group Targets Using Hypergraph Matching in Data Association represented by G = {V,E}, where V is a set of elements called nodes or vertices, E is a set of non-empty subsets containing d-tuple of vertices called hyperedges....

Article December 1, 2015

Clinicopathological Features and Prognostic Implications of Raf Kinase Inhibitor Protein Downregulation in Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma

...and corresponding adjacent non-cancerous tissues, 30 matched metastatic lesions from the cervical lymph nodes and 32 oral leukoplakia samples were assessed using immunohistochemical methods. The association between RKIP expression and...

Conference Paper April 1, 2012

The Learning Registry: Building a Foundation for Learning Resource Analytics

...beta version in October 2011, is intended to store and forward learning-resource metadata among a distributed, de-centralized network of nodes. The Learning Registry also accepts social/attention metadata—data about users of...

Article March 1, 2014

The Learning Registry: Applying Social Metadata for Learning Resource Recommendations harnessed for recommendations. To centralize this data for aggregation and amplification, the Learning Registry, a store and forward, distributed, de-centralized network of nodes was created. The Learning Registry makes...

Conference Paper September 1, 1997

A Study of Multilingual Speech Recognition

...codebooks across Swedish and English allophones. The language model (LM) components are constructed by training a statistical bigram model, with a common backoff node, on bilingual texts, and by combining...

Article July 1, 2015

Thalamic Structures and Associated Cognitive Functions: Relations with Age and Aging

The thalamus, with its cortical, subcortical, and cerebellar connections, is a critical node in networks supporting cognitive functions known to decline in normal aging, including component processes of memory and...

Article April 1, 2015

Enabling Smart Camera Networks with Smartphone Processors

Distributed smart cameras exploit smartphone processor performance in their node communication and video metadata exchange, allowing the network to collectively reason in interpreting the scene, generating alerts, and making decisions.

Conference Paper January 1, 2009

WikiWalk: Random walks on Wikipedia for semantic relatedness.

...methods for building the graph, including link selection strategies, and two methods for representing input texts as distributions over the graph nodes: one based on a dictionary lookup, the other...

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