Clients and Partners

pie chart showing revenue by client type

SRI is an experienced government contractor and reliable innovation partner. In the last decade alone, we have conducted more than $4 billion of sponsored R&D for clients and partners.

We have worked with some of our government clients for more than 50 years, such as the National Institutes of Health and DARPA. Government clients can get projects under way quickly using several contract vehicles.

Businesses—from established corporations to start-ups—have licensed hundreds of SRI patents to grow their revenue through new products and services. Companies also outsource R&D to us, minimizing their investment in staff and infrastructure. Our innovation best practices reduce risk and enhance project success.

SRI works with clients and partners around the world: this is a partial list, as some of our relationships and work are private.

  • U.S. Government Agencies
  • International Government Agencies
  • State, Regional, Local Governments and Schools
  • Commercial and Nonprofit Businesses
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Associations, Foundations, and Public/Private Partnerships
  • Industry Consortia
  • Multilateral and Bilateral Organizations