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two elementary school age girls looking at a butterfly through a magnifying glas

Afterschool Science Networks Study

For the National Science Foundation, SRI is conducting a multi-year examination of informal science offerings to explore the inquiry opportunities available for learners, the instructional materials used by staff, and the role of support partners.

This project is the most comprehensive study to date of science offerings within a statewide after-school system. Using a representative sample of sites from across all regions of California, the aim of the project is to construct a comprehensive description of afterschool science to understand access—both opportunities and barriers—for elementary-aged children to participate in rich informal science activities. Specifically, the project explores:

  • The frequency and qualities of science offerings within afterschool programs.
  • The science curricula and instructional materials used in these programs.
  • The connections between afterschool programs and support organizations like science museums and technical assistance providers.

For additional information, visit the project website.