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two men with fake rifles performing an excercise with projected avatars

Automated Performance Evaluation and Lessons Learned

SRI’s mixed reality training system provides comprehensive mission rehearsal tools to improve warfighter training.

Today’s Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) live training centers are equipped with a multitude of sensors such as video cameras, GPS, and RFID tags distributed around the training site or worn by warfighters. These sensors can be leveraged to provide mixed reality training for the soldier with compelling after-action review (AAR) reports that provide novel measures of warfighters’ performance.

For Program Manager Training Systems (PM TRASYS), SRI has developed Automated Performance Evaluation and Lessons Learned (APELL), an interactive and immersive training system that provides real-time sensing and automated analysis of trainee actions in MOUT sites.

The training system delivers mixed reality, with computer-generated avatars that react to trainee actions and closed-loop feedback enabling real-time training optimization. It tracks and analyzes movements and poses through computer processing of video and radio-frequency identification (RFID) signals and through the integration of inertial navigation sensor systems. Positional and tracking data, in addition to manual and automatic annotations, are logged and stored.

The system also automatically categorizes individual and team behaviors. This enables real-time tracking of their states and tasks, as well as performance assessments at both the individual and team level based on their tactics, techniques, and procedures. At the end of each exercise, the system automatically generates a list of items for debriefing and after-action review.