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This capacity building project will contribute to foundational knowledge about what is already known, and what needs to be studied, about K-12 online STEM education for students with learning disabilities and those with autism spectrum disorder.
teacher working with a young student
SRI worked with two state consortia to design items for alternate assessments. This work advanced how the learning of students with significant cognitive disabilities is assessed.
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SRI's DaSy Center provides national leadership around developing or enhancing coordinated early childhood longitudinal data systems in states.
Autistic girl in a learning activity with teacher
SRI is analyzing multiple aspects of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
SRI developed and conducted a 4‑year process and outcome evaluation of an early childhood scholarship model in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
young girl in wheelchair
The ECO Center assisted state agencies in building measurement systems for programs serving infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with disabilities and their families. The center provided technical assistance to support states in developing high-quality child and family outcome measurement systems.
high school students at graduation, throwing their hats in the air
SRI is evaluating the efficacy of a program promoting school success and completion for students at high risk of school failure and dropout.
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SRI studied the quality of child outcomes data reported by states to the federal government under Part C and Part B Preschool services of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) with a grant from the Institute of Education Sciences at the US Department of Education.
teacher working with kindergarten students
SRI is working with two research partners and a 10-state consortium to enhance and implement a developmentally appropriate K-3 formative assessment that will fit within and inform everyday classroom instruction.
mother reading to preschooler daughter
SRI and Child Trends worked together to design and implement a strong formative and summative evaluation of two projects within Minnesota’s RTT-ELC grant: Early Learning Scholarships and Title I-PreK Incentives.
teacher with young students in classroom
SRI analyzed the effectiveness of an initiative to promote children's school readiness and long-term academic success.
group of high school students talking
SRI Education examined initiatives intended to prevent mental health problems and reduce adverse outcomes for people with mental illness.
teacher working with a young student
SRI examined the initiative's impact on improving academic outcomes for more than 10,000 high-need children.
six young children looking up at camera
SRI conducted a statewide evaluation of this program that provides home visiting, parenting education, and preschool programs to improve children's school readiness and other outcomes.
teacher helps young student read a book
SRI is evaluating the McKnight Foundation’s effort to improve the literacy achievement of pre–K through third grade students in the Twin Cities through pathways that integrate and enhance prekindergarten through third grade literacy education.
three young students smile at camera
SRI is evaluating this government-funded program that aims to improve school readiness, achievement, and parent engagement with schools.
Teacher watches educational video program with young students
SRI and its partner are building on a groundbreaking scientific study of how public media materials can help low-income preschoolers develop key early literacy skills.
young girl at an activity station, looking up at the camera
SRI examined the effectiveness of academic, social/behavioral, and vocational interventions for students with autism.
two young girls lying on floor with heads on hands, smiling
SRI is conducting a comprehensive countywide evaluation of the program's impact and its progress toward meeting strategic goals for children age 0 to 5 and their families.
teenage girl student doing her homework
SRI is evaluating the effectiveness of a program for struggling adolescent readers.
two young students reading
SRI is evaluating strategies to improve the academic achievement of children with disabilities as they tackle early reading challenges.
teacher sitting on floor with young students
An SRI team studied how young children with and without learning disabilities think about and learn important concepts in mathematics
teacher and student working together
SRI synthesized findings across model demonstration projects to identify factors that lead to high-quality implementation, sustainability, and wider adoption of evidence-based practices.
high school students studying together around a table
SRI and partners will address the performance of economically disadvantaged students, American Indian students, English learners, and those receiving special education services.
young girl reading a book
Through the Center, SRI conducted randomized trials of interventions for students with severe behavior problems in first through third grades.
NEILS logo: a teddy bear holding blocks that spell out NEILS
For the U.S. Department of Education, SRI conducted a national longitudinal study of infants, toddlers, and their families receiving early intervention services.
smiling young student studying with other students
SRI and partners examined the effectiveness of this program designed to help at-risk children get off to the best possible start in school.
students in a classroom
SRI documented the experiences of a national sample of students as they moved from secondary school into adult roles.
kindergarten students listening to a story read by a teacher
SRI documented the processes, accomplishments, challenges, and solutions of four states implementing KEAs and to share results with federal and state policymakers.
girl standing at blackboard with diploma and graduation cap drawn on it
SRI analyzed this program that offers resources for high school students to prepare for and succeed in college.
REL Appalachia works in partnership with school districts, state departments of education, and other education stakeholders in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia to develop high-quality research and to use and disseminate research findings to improve student outcomes.
mother holding her baby
SRI Education will provide much-needed information on what it takes to support home visiting programs and staff so they can provide the most effective services possible to children and families.
teacher reads with two young students
SRI conducted research to answer important questions about children in Head Start programs with the highest risk for poor health, developmental, and school readiness outcomes.
young school-age children smiling at the camera
SRI documented the school experiences of a national sample of students as they moved from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school.
young man rests his head against his arm in front of a brick wall
SRI is evaluating the effectiveness of a school-based intervention program for students who have witnessed or experienced traumatic events.
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Findings from an SRI study of early childhood intervention services alerted the state's legislature to a need for changes.
Young male teacher smiling at camera with students behind him
SRI is analyzing the impact of the Center's efforts to recruit, support, and train effective teachers in Texas.
boy sitting at computer at the library
SRI examined data on 900 young adults with autism to characterize their school and career choices after high school.
teacher working with a young student
SRI evaluated the impact of teachers’ participation in a professional development intervention to improve teachers’ knowledge, attitudes, and instructional strategies in math across preschool to third grade classrooms.
SRI is evaluating the implementation and impact of Virginia's use of federal funding to increase access to and improve the quality of state-funded preschool in 13 school districts in high-need communities.
teacher and young student smiling at camera
For this government resource, SRI reviewed research and practice guide development relevant to students with disabilities.