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By playing a game, citizen scientists can help increase reliability of mission-critical software systems.
U.S. soldier shaking hands with an Afghan man
SRI is creating technology to translate multiple foreign languages in all genres, retrieve information from translated material, and enable bilingual communication via speech or text.
CTSRD computer system components
SRI and the University of Cambridge are designing, prototyping, and analyzing trustworthy computer systems that can be gradually adopted with high reliability, resilience, and assurance, effectively letting system and application developers ‘wipe the slate clean' in incremental steps.
people in a computer server room
SRI provides technical, management, and subject matter expert support for the wide range of research, development, testing, evaluation, and transition activities conducted through the Center.
drawing of a computerized human-like figure reading stacks of books
SRI is developing an automated reading system that makes the information in textbooks accessible to a range of formal reasoning systems.
young students in a classroom using computers
SRI is researching the inferential validity, reliability, and effectiveness of formative assessments embedded within games.
Using advanced privacy technologies to enable informed and controlled information sharing.
SRI researchers are developing a new probabilistic reasoning system that explores an important direction in advancing computers’ abilities to understand data, manage results and infer useful insights. SRI’s Probabilistic Reasoning As Symbolic Evaluation (PRAiSE) is a probabilistic programming...
The SAVE framework supports training in virtual environments through automated assessment of learner performance and tools for content authoring.
TRACE: Preventing Advanced Persistent Threat Cyberattacks
SRI is developing an advanced system that would quickly help detect APTs and other increasingly sophisticated attacks.
gamers looking at computer screens with a virtual scene on wall behind them
SRI International uses virtual gaming environments to research online behavior across cultures.
Xylem illustration showing Eugene the explorer
Researchers have created a computer game that could transform the problem of proving software correctness.