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Content-Rich Vocabulary Project Evaluation

SRI and partners undertook a four-year effort to develop and test the impact of a vocabulary intervention program for struggling readers in seventh and eighth grades.

The Content-Rich Vocabulary (CRV) program was designed to enhance vocabulary needed for comprehending social studies texts.

  • SRI’s research and evaluation of the program was divided into two phases: CRV intervention design
  • Development of a CRV intervention field test

During the 2007–2008 school year, SRI assisted in designing and conducting a short-term development study in two middle schools in the Pasadena (California) Unified School District. In the 2008–2009 school year, the SRI team studied the CRV program implementation. In a second short-term development study in Alum Rock (California) Union Elementary School District, the team tested modifications of the CRV program to support English language learners.

In the project's second phase, SRI conducted a field test of the CRV intervention in Alum Rock (from 2009–2011) and in the Inglewood (California) Unified School District (during 2010–2011) to estimate the effects of the intervention on struggling adolescent readers’ vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Principal Investigator: Regie Stites