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Autistic girl in a learning activity with teacher

Design and IDEA-Related Analyses for the National Assessment

SRI is analyzing the impact of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which funds early intervention, special education, and related services for infants, children, and youth.

To support the legislatively mandated Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), SRI is:

  • Studying the early intervention and special education services provided for children and youth with disabilities across the age range served, as well as the providers themselves
  • Providing design options to study effectiveness of special education staff
  • Creating options for comparing outcomes for young children with disabilities, according to the early intervention and preschool special education services received
  • Studying the relationship between special education services received and outcomes for school-age children with disabilities

In its analysis, SRI is identifying patterns in the early intervention, special education, and related services and in the settings involved. The team is also looking at how the services vary by the child’s age, disability category, and race and ethnicity. Finally, the researchers are examining how the environments or settings vary over time and across states.

SRI will also examine how characteristics of early intervention and special education personnel vary over time, across states, and by child’s age and disability category. SRI will determine the association, across states and over time, between the number of early intervention, special education, and related services personnel and the services children receive under IDEA. The information will be sorted by age and disability category. SRI researchers and a team of early childhood experts will also provide design options to evaluate the effectiveness of different models of service provision. The team will develop methods to understand the relative effects of early intervention and preschool IDEA services on child development outcomes. The team will develop design options for comparing providers who received training through courses supported with U.S. Department of Education professional development grants and those who received training from other sources. The team will also provide options for inferring how differences in the estimated effectiveness of special education personnel vary with:

  • The characteristics of children with disabilities
  • The children's inclusion in regular education settings
  • The educators' characteristics
  • Collaboration between regular and special educators within schools

Finally, SRI will synthesize and analyze research data to discern outcomes. This step will address the association between the receipt of early intervention, special education, and related services that children with disabilities receive and their school readiness, academic outcomes, and developmental outcomes. This assessment will also take into account changes that occur over time in the population and program characteristics.