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Developing the National Education Technology Plan

SRI designed and implemented the process for updating the Department of Education plan for applying the advanced technologies used in our daily lives to the U.S. education system.

For the U.S. Department of Education (ED) in 2009, SRI designed and implemented a process for developing a National Education Technology Plan. ED's goals were to address advances in technology since the last plan (issued in 2005) and reflect the policy priorities of a new administration. SRI convened a technical working group of nationally recognized scholars and educational technology policymakers and practitioners to develop the plan.

SRI synthesized and supplemented input from the technical working group, ED's Office of Educational Technology, and its own research to create a far-reaching, pragmatic plan. In contrast to earlier national plans for educational technology, the 2010 plan encompasses learning from early childhood through senior citizenship, not just K–12 education.

The plan centers around knowledge of the needs of learners and the way technology can support them. Titled Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology, the plan sets forth goals for using technology to support engaged learning, enhanced teaching methods, more powerful assessment practices, and enhanced productivity of education systems. It also describes the ubiquitous broadband access required to attain these goals, and an R&D agenda that can produce transformational applications of technology in education.

SRI staff helped ED conform to the administration’s call for open government by giving numerous presentations on the evolving plan and seeking input from both stakeholders and the general public. SRI developed websites for planning documents and early drafts, to which the public could respond using Web 2.0 technologies. More than 2,500 users registered to these websites; several examples of cutting-edge applications of technology posted there were included in the final plan. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan released the plan in November 2010.