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EdReady Evaluation

For the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, SRI is conducting an evaluation of EdReady, an online instructional system that assesses math readiness and tailors instruction based on students’ individual needs.

EdReady is an online instructional system that uses diagnostic assessments to determine students’ math readiness and to tailor instruction to address gaps in an individual student’s knowledge. EdReady is available free to individual students and at very low cost to middle and high schools and postsecondary institutions. The EdReady system is being used in a variety of ways, including for test preparation, in a co-curricular manner, and as a supplement to classroom instruction.

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, SRI Education is evaluating EdReady over three years, from 2014 through 2017. The evaluation has two overarching purposes:

  1. To provide formative feedback about the implementation, design, and functionality of EdReady
  2. To collect and produce evidence about the association between EdReady and the preparation of underprepared learners to meet postsecondary mathematics requirements

The first phase of the EdReady evaluation is concerned with EdReady adoption and implementation practices, including prevalent EdReady instructional use cases within different educational contexts. The report Early Experiences with EdReady—A Tool for Improving Math College Readiness summarizes emerging lessons learned from four in-progress statewide adoptions including Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, and North Carolina.

In the second phase, SRI will continue to study impact with attention to associations between student use of EdReady and students’ learning of mathematics. Impact studies are planned for the 2015-2016 school year to estimate the type and magnitude of effect associated with EdReady use as compared to alternatives that do not use EdReady.