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participants in a 21CLD workshop in Brunei
A program to provide teachers with a practical framework and tools for building new learning opportunities into their lesson plans.
smiling boy working on a computer
This capacity building project will contribute to foundational knowledge about what is already known, and what needs to be studied, about K-12 online STEM education for students with learning disabilities and those with autism spectrum disorder.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contracted with SRI International to aggregate and analyze the ALMAP data. SRI assembled learning impact, cost and satisfaction findings across the portfolio of ALMAP grantee product evaluations.
two elementary school age girls looking at a butterfly through a magnifying glas
SRI is conducting a multi-year examination of informal science offerings to explore the inquiry opportunities available for learners, the instructional materials used by staff, and the role of support partners.
teacher working with a young student
SRI worked with two state consortia to design items for alternate assessments. This work advanced how the learning of students with significant cognitive disabilities is assessed.
teacher working with young students
SRI conducted a comprehensive study of alternative teacher certification programs to determine the characteristics of those that were effective.
young students standing in a group
To inform California policymakers, SRI examined student access to arts education in California schools and conducted follow-up studies examining factors influencing K-12 arts education. The research resulted in a series of reports.
teacher engaging with students in a group setting with laptop
Through A4L, we are exploring the measurement of noncognitive factors, learning processes, and learning behaviors in digital learning environments.
girl at laptop doing her homework
SRI is conducting an efficacy study of more than 2,500 students on the benefits of online homework support for students' mathematics learning.
teacher and students working together
SRI uses innovative methods to “bridge the gap” between professional development and classroom practice—and make a measurable difference on student learning.
teenage students in a classroom
SRI studied programs across several states that offer college enrollment to high school-age students, and recommended improvements.
college student at a whiteboard drawing math equations in front of class
SRI is evaluating the progress of programs that aim to reverse the trend of declining enrollment in STEM programs at four Virginia colleges, and increase the diversity of STEM majors at each institution.
two teenage girl students high-fiving each other, showing a project
This afterschool and summer curriculum helps middle school girls develop information technology (IT) fluency, interest in mathematics, and knowledge of IT careers.
SRI’s evaluation of the California Community College Linked Learning Initiative (CCCLLI) addressed implementation issues and institutional and student outcomes of work by three community colleges and partnering K–12 districts to use Linked Learning to improve college transitions and success.
little girl picking flowers
SRI's DaSy Center provides national leadership around developing or enhancing coordinated early childhood longitudinal data systems in states.
multi-ethnic high school students looking at a computer screen together
Connecting and exploring researchers’ perspectives in digital learning to make significant and lasting improvements to STEM education.
students in science class doing lab experiment with teacher
SRI is developing classroom assessments to help teachers diagnose student learning in chemistry.
high school students writing at desks in a classroom
Classroom Trials examines teachers’ use of writing software to support writing instruction in classroom settings. The project seeks to identify best practices that combine teachers’ “wisdom of practice” and models of productive writing instruction that capitalize on the capabilities of writing...
graphic showing computer code falling into a book
SRI’s analysis suggests that the CMG program significantly increased the interdisciplinarity of geoscientists and mathematical scientists it has supported.
With the Erikson Institute, SRI is exploring the promise of Collaborative Math in promoting math learning in Head Start centers in the city of Chicago.
The National Writing Project’s College, Career, and Community Writers Program (C3WP) supports the teaching of argument writing through the integration of professional development, instructional resources, and formative assessment. In a previous study, SRI found that C3WP positively impacted...
two engineers working together at a machine
SRI and partners are researching partnership models, approaches to instruction, tools, and a framework to inform future research into the mechanisms that lead to a learning college culture.
young girl reading a book
SRI and partners developed and tested the impact of a vocabulary intervention program for struggling readers in seventh and eighth grades.
two girls looking at a world globe and smiling
Improving classroom assessment is potentially one of the most powerful ways to improve student achievement. To realize such gains, however, teachers must use classroom assessments formatively, that is, to adjust and improve instruction.
Two girls working on a laptop together
SRI is replacing traditional middle school mathematics units with a set of “peak experiences” that provide a more engaging and meaningful way to interact with the subject.
Carbon emissions map used by students to investigate warming
DIGS engages students in looking at real data about climate change to differentiate between possible greenhouse gas and urban heat island impacts.
DIGERS provided teachers with adaptable curricular exemplars about environmental restoration.
precipitation map
SRI provides user-friendly access to key types of Earth system data relevant to the study of climate, as well as background resources.
Autistic girl in a learning activity with teacher
SRI is analyzing multiple aspects of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
three people looking at charts of information
For the National Science Foundation, SRI is supporting the development of 14 indicators measuring students’ access to quality learning, educators’ capacity, and policy and funding initiatives in K-12 STEM education.
STEM elementary school students
SRI and George Mason University are conducting a multi-year exploratory study to develop a logic model of STEM-focused elementary (eSTEM) schools
Teacher working with students at computers
SRI designed and implemented the process for updating the Department of Education plan for applying the advanced technologies used in our daily lives to the U.S. education system.
teacher working with student on science project
In partnership with the National Writing Project, SRI is investigating the development of good evidence-based science writing in the middle school classroom.
SRI developed and conducted a 4‑year process and outcome evaluation of an early childhood scholarship model in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
young girl in wheelchair
The ECO Center assisted state agencies in building measurement systems for programs serving infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with disabilities and their families. The center provided technical assistance to support states in developing high-quality child and family outcome measurement systems.
high school students working at computers
For the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, SRI is conducting an evaluation of EdReady, an online instructional system that assesses math readiness and tailors instruction based on students’ individual needs.
Effectiveness Study of Tools for Getting Along: Teaching Students to Problem Solve
SRI is conducting a multi-year study that examines whether and how an elementary digital math curriculum can improve student learning. The study involves about 3,500 fifth-grade students from 47 schools in the state of West Virginia.
high school students at graduation, throwing their hats in the air
SRI is evaluating the efficacy of a program promoting school success and completion for students at high risk of school failure and dropout.
Efficacy Study of Discipline in the Secondary Classroom for High Schools
SRI Education is evaluating the efficacy of Discipline in the Secondary Classroom (DSC), a positive and proactive approach to classroom management developed by Safe & Civil Schools. SRI will assess whether DSC helps improve high school teachers’ classroom discipline practices and students’...
Foundations is a comprehensive approach to behavior management that guides school staff in designing a proactive and positive schoolwide discipline plan. Foundations is designed to help educators and support staff expand skills in effective supervision, discipline, positive behavior support, and...
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SRI studied the quality of child outcomes data reported by states to the federal government under Part C and Part B Preschool services of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) with a grant from the Institute of Education Sciences at the US Department of Education.
teacher working with kindergarten students
SRI is working with two research partners and a 10-state consortium to enhance and implement a developmentally appropriate K-3 formative assessment that will fit within and inform everyday classroom instruction.
male teen student looking at a laptop
SRI is conducting a study investigating to what extent, when, and how online Algebra 1 courses serve different student populations, especially those who are historically disadvantaged.
teacher and two students working on an electronics test
SRI is validating a web-based diagnostic physics classroom assessment tool.
A new vision for K-12 science classrooms outlined by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) recasts science proficiency as not only what students know, but also the extent to which they can use and apply what they know. This knowledge-in-use perspective represents a different way of thinking...
teacher stands with students who are working at computers
SRI studied five charter schools to determine if students outperformed their counterparts at traditional schools.
two girls examining a rock with a magnifying glass in classroom
SRI served as the external evaluator for a program that aims to increase the likelihood that San Francisco Bay Area students regularly experience high-quality science instruction aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core.
students at computers in a classroom
The National Science Foundation asked SRI to evaluate its program to transform undergraduate computing education on a national scale.
The ability to write well-reasoned, well-supported arguments is a key skill for success in college, career, and civic society. Yet most students in U.S. secondary schools lack proficiency in argument writing. The National Writing Project developed the College-Ready Writers Program (CRWP) to support...
Around the world, teaching the problem-solving process known as computational thinking (CT) is increasingly recognized as a critical enabler for future success in a digital society. While CT initiatives often begin at secondary levels, some schools are beginning to address CT education at the...
high school students working at computers in a row
SRI is evaluating efforts to increase the capacity of teachers from diverse backgrounds to teach to Next Generation Science and Common Core standards in rural California middle and high schools.
high school students talking with teacher in classroom
SRI is conducting a three-year evaluation of the Education Connections online professional development program for middle and high school teachers of English learner students in two districts. The evaluation includes an impact study on student outcomes using a cluster randomized controlled trial.
This is a study of IDEA school model implementation and of the growth of a charter school system during a four-year expansion in the Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio, and Austin.
teacher working with two high school students at computers
SRI is studying the implementation and impact of three IDEA Public Schools initiatives designed to individualize learning, funded by the federal Race to the Top-District grant.
high school students in a classroom
SRI is studying the implementation and outcomes of a new International Baccalaureate Organization consulting model designed to increase the participation and success of low-income students in IB’s Diploma Programme. SRI is also examining national postsecondary enrollment, persistence, and...
teacher talking to students in a classroom
In this four-year evaluation of ConnectEd’s federally funded Investing in Innovation (i3) grant, SRI is using a quasi-experimental design to assess the implementation and impact of the Linked Learning approach on students’ cognitive and noncognitive outcomes.
SRI is the evaluation partner for a program that is advancing knowledge in developing non-cognitive skills in middle schools to increase student success.
teacher with young students in classroom
Across the U.S., policymakers are experimenting with various strategies for improving educator quality and student achievement. SRI led an evaluation of three closely related human capital management initiatives in Massachusetts.
mother reading to preschooler daughter
SRI and Child Trends worked together to design and implement a strong formative and summative evaluation of two projects within Minnesota’s RTT-ELC grant: Early Learning Scholarships and Title I-PreK Incentives.
SRI is studying efforts by Oakland Unified School District and partners encourage interest and support success for underrepresented minority and low-income youth to pursue careers in health care.
teacher with young students in classroom
SRI analyzed the effectiveness of an initiative to promote children's school readiness and long-term academic success.
middle school students in classroom
Rocketship Education is a network of public elementary charter schools serving primarily low-income students in high-need areas. SRI conducted a three year evaluation of middle school outcomes among Rocketship alumni and their peers from non-Rocketship elementary schools in San Jose, CA. The study...
girl student working on a project
SRI Education is evaluating Start Making!, part of a Making! @ Clubhouses initiative, which provides resources to support hands-on making in Computer Clubhouse locations throughout the world.
group of high school students talking
SRI Education examined initiatives intended to prevent mental health problems and reduce adverse outcomes for people with mental illness.
SRI Education is conducting rigorous research about the Apple and ConnectED initiative, to understand how technology integration can support teaching and learning at high-poverty schools.
young boy student tinkering on a project
SRI studied the pilot year of a program that aims to promote the expansion of high-quality STEM-rich tinkering activities into afterschool programs serving children from low-income communities.
three teenage students working on a laboratory activity
SRI is examining the impact of this program that combines strong academics with real-world experience. Its goal: to help students build a strong foundation for success in college and careers—and life.
young girl holding up a paper marked with an A-plus
SRI has conducted surveys, case studies of programs in each of the nine projects, and quasi-experimental analyses of the effects of the CSMP on student achievement. SRI has also provided technical support for sites’ local inquiry projects.
four teen students walking together
SRI’s evaluation of the California Academic Partnership Program’s Demonstration Partnership Project will look at the formation and progress of 11 partnerships that aim to establish seamless transitions for all students from high school to postsecondary and strengthen the quality of instruction...
group of students, smiling at camera
SRI is conducting a randomized trial in 44 U.S. rural school districts on how professional development is aligned with college-/career-ready standards, its effects on writing instruction for 7th- through 10th-grade teachers, and in turn, on student writing performance.
smiling teenage student in classroom
SRI is evaluating the effectiveness of high schools that offer students the opportunity to simultaneously pursue a high school diploma and earn up to two years of college credits.
Through its evaluation of the Engage New England initiative, SRI is helping the Barr Foundation and the broader education community better understand how to design and implement innovative schools for students who are off track to graduate high school.
teacher working with a young student
SRI examined the initiative's impact on improving academic outcomes for more than 10,000 high-need children.
six young children looking up at camera
SRI conducted a statewide evaluation of this program that provides home visiting, parenting education, and preschool programs to improve children's school readiness and other outcomes.
science teacher in front of students at chalkboard
SRI is evaluating the impact and effectiveness of a federally funded effort to meet growing demand for professionals and information technology workers in the United States.
Library of Congress' reading room, seen from above
The Library of Congress asked SRI International to conduct an evaluation of its Teaching with Primary Sources program, using a series of surveys and project case studies.
SRI worked with the Sorenson Impact Center and the nonprofit organization Social Finance to design a rigorous evaluation for the Lee Pesky Learning Center (LPLC) Pay for Success (PFS) project in Idaho. Using PFS, LPLC intends to expand its model for improving student literacy across the state by...
teacher helps young student read a book
SRI is evaluating the McKnight Foundation’s effort to improve the literacy achievement of pre–K through third grade students in the Twin Cities through pathways that integrate and enhance prekindergarten through third grade literacy education.
three young students smile at camera
SRI is evaluating this government-funded program that aims to improve school readiness, achievement, and parent engagement with schools.
teacher standing amongst a seated group of students
This is a study of a multiyear effort to ensure that the California State University teacher preparation programs are producing the teachers California K–12 school districts will need as they complete their transition to new standards.
SRI’s Evaluation of the New Leaders SEED Grant: Emerging Leaders. SRI will use a randomized controlled trial to assess effectiveness of the Emerging Leaders Program in supporting improved student learning outcomes.
SRIʼs four-year evaluation has a randomized controlled trial design to assess the implementation and impact of NTCʼs intensive new teacher mentoring and support in five geographically diverse districts.
group of teachers talking together
SRI’s four-year evaluation of the New Teacher Center’s (NTC’s) i3 validation grant combines cluster randomized controlled trials at two study sites and a difference-in-differences approach at the third site to assess the implementation and impact of NTC’s intensive new teacher mentoring and support.
woman looking at a computer in a computer lab
SRI is evaluating NGC projects funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to understand the technology features and implementation practices that achieve positive educational impacts at scale.
two students with a teacher
Even after mastering conversational English, English learners often struggle with academic English, negatively impacting their educational outcomes. SRI is conducting a 4-year randomized controlled trial (RCT) to estimate the effectiveness of the Pathway to Academic Success Project, a promising...
Teacher watches educational video program with young students
SRI and its partner are building on a groundbreaking scientific study of how public media materials can help low-income preschoolers develop key early literacy skills.
high school students in a lab setting, looking at a microscope
SRI and partners are documenting the fidelity of AP course implementation on student performance.
teacher surrounded by teenage students at desk
SRI and partners are examining this public-private alliance, which strives to ensure that all of the state's high school students achieve their highest educational potential.
teenage girl student doing homework on a laptop computer
Learning that takes place over the Internet is one of the fastest growing trends in uses of technology in K–12 education. SRI’s research and evaluation examine the effectiveness of different models of online learning relative to each other and to traditional face-to-face courses.
young girl at an activity station, looking up at the camera
SRI examined the effectiveness of academic, social/behavioral, and vocational interventions for students with autism.
drawing of a computerized human-like figure reading stacks of books
SRI is developing an automated reading system that makes the information in textbooks accessible to a range of formal reasoning systems.
two young girls lying on floor with heads on hands, smiling
SRI is conducting a comprehensive countywide evaluation of the program's impact and its progress toward meeting strategic goals for children age 0 to 5 and their families.
college students at their graduation in caps and gowns
SRI provided formative evaluation services for this Gates Foundation effort to improve faculty instructional practice and thereby increase college graduation rates.
SRI is providing research and evaluation services to support health career pathways for youth and young adults in Oakland, California.
two teachers talking in a hallway
Improving California high schools through leadership capacity building. SRI is evaluating an initiative that supports the development and implementation of leadership structures and practices associated with effective schools and positive student outcomes.
teenage girl student doing her homework
SRI is evaluating the effectiveness of a program for struggling adolescent readers.
two girl students writing together
SRI is conducting a randomized controlled trial to examine changes in teacher practice and student writing across a national sample of elementary schools.
two young students reading
SRI is evaluating strategies to improve the academic achievement of children with disabilities as they tackle early reading challenges.
teacher working with kindergarten students on a project
SRI Education is evaluating the use of social impact bonds in early childhood.
young students in a classroom using computers
SRI is researching the inferential validity, reliability, and effectiveness of formative assessments embedded within games.
girls working on a project together
The InnovaTE3 curriculum uses a cradle-to-cradle paradigm (rather than cradle to grave) to intrigue and challenge high school girls to develop ecologically sustainable innovations.
two teen students working together
SRI has found that when teachers collaboratively analyze learning activities and student work, they can advance 21st century teaching and learning.
high school students working on a lab assignment together
SRI Education leads a first-of-its-kind longitudinal study on the schools’ effectiveness in Texas, North Carolina and Ohio.
teacher sitting on floor with young students
An SRI team studied how young children with and without learning disabilities think about and learn important concepts in mathematics
Fostering cybersecurity learning by offering concise “microlesson” content on smartphones.
The Minnesota Department of Education contracted SRI to study the feasibility of using a Pay for Success funding model to enhance its state voluntary prekindergarten program with the Pyramid Model for Supporting Social Emotional Competence.
teacher and student working together
SRI synthesized findings across model demonstration projects to identify factors that lead to high-quality implementation, sustainability, and wider adoption of evidence-based practices.
SRI and partners are modeling the complexities of STEM education to derive innovative approaches to workforce preparation.
high school students studying together around a table
SRI and partners will address the performance of economically disadvantaged students, American Indian students, English learners, and those receiving special education services.
young girl reading a book
Through the Center, SRI conducted randomized trials of interventions for students with severe behavior problems in first through third grades.
NEILS logo: a teddy bear holding blocks that spell out NEILS
For the U.S. Department of Education, SRI conducted a national longitudinal study of infants, toddlers, and their families receiving early intervention services.
smiling young student studying with other students
SRI and partners examined the effectiveness of this program designed to help at-risk children get off to the best possible start in school.
teacher in front of students raising their hands
Since 2008, SRI has been studying the implementation of the Teacher Incentive Fund, which seeks to reform educator compensation to reward effectiveness, steer effective educators to high-need schools and content areas, and support ongoing school and educator improvement.
Teacher watches her students writing
The study design included a multimethod approach to documenting how the partnerships were developed and implemented in participating schools and sites.
students in a classroom
SRI documented the experiences of a national sample of students as they moved from secondary school into adult roles.
building on the KACST campus
SRI conceptualized and designed the main features and structures of a new national program to nurture Saudi Arabia's next generation of world-class researchers, educators, and innovators in science and technology.
Intended for practitioners and policymakers, this series of issue briefs is addressing the gap in knowledge about the prevalence and characteristics of high school improvement strategies designed to help at-risk students graduate.
screenshot of 3D virtual environment
SRI is developing the next generation of online learning tools to meet the needs of a changing workforce.
project logo
SRI is working with EDC and WGBH to develop and evaluate a set of tablet-based activities to help preschool children learn important mathematics.
elementary chemistry
A multi-institutional collaborative is developing classroom-ready assessment tasks for teachers to gain insights into their students’ proficiency with the Next Generation Science Standards
The OER Degree Initiative is a multi-funder program led by Achieving the Dream to enable community colleges to replace commercial instructional materials with open educational resources (OER) for courses necessary to complete a degree. SRI will examine the academic and economic impacts and...
Two images of students working in classrooms
Conventional tests often fail to measure what is most important in student learning. Since 2001, SRI has been measuring important knowledge, skills, and abilities in science.
SRI Education provides an independent review of Pearson’s reports and efficacy statements regarding learner outcomes.
kindergarten students listening to a story read by a teacher
SRI documented the processes, accomplishments, challenges, and solutions of four states implementing KEAs and to share results with federal and state policymakers.
students and teachers at computers in a classroom
SRI is providing high-quality assessments of the Exploring Computer Science program.
girl standing at blackboard with diploma and graduation cap drawn on it
SRI analyzed this program that offers resources for high school students to prepare for and succeed in college.
SRI Education is assessing whether the Second Step and Bounce Back programs of Project SECURE improve elementary school students’ academic and behavioral outcomes, especially regarding school disciplinary consequences.
science students doing a lab experiment together
SRI is conducting an efficacy study on the benefits of a new middle school science curriculum with more than 3,000 sixth grade students across 42 middle schools.
REL Appalachia works in partnership with school districts, state departments of education, and other education stakeholders in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia to develop high-quality research and to use and disseminate research findings to improve student outcomes.
young girl student working at a computer
SRI is conducting a study of Khan Academy to understand how math teachers are using the online resource in classrooms to improve instruction and student learning.
SRI is supporting the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation in maximizing the impact of its educational portfolio.
teacher and student working together with laptop
If K-12 teachers had their own budgets for purchasing digital courseware, what changes would occur in the educational technology marketplace?
teacher with young students in classroom
A collaborative study of California state policies that frame the first two years of a teacher’s career to better understand how these policies actually work.
mother holding her baby
SRI Education will provide much-needed information on what it takes to support home visiting programs and staff so they can provide the most effective services possible to children and families.
SRI partnered with the Santa Clara County Office of Education on its Preschool Development Grants–Preschool Pay for Success Feasibility Pilot grant to study using a Pay for Success (PFS) model to initiate and/or expand a high-quality preschool program intended to improve learning outcomes for the...
two teen student girls working together at a computer
To advance understanding of how to improve students’ learning of algebra and key science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics, SRI conducted rigorous large-scale research in schools in Texas and Florida.
teacher reads with two young students
SRI conducted research to answer important questions about children in Head Start programs with the highest risk for poor health, developmental, and school readiness outcomes.
young school-age children smiling at the camera
SRI documented the school experiences of a national sample of students as they moved from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school.
three young students working on a laptop together
SRI is investigating whether and how students’ speech can be used to determine how well they collaborate during interactive learning activities.
college in Nevada
In a report for the Nevada State Legislature, SRI evaluated how U.S. states fund higher education and compared them to Nevada's funding approaches.
Through an evaluation of career and technical education programs in Texas, SRI will determine what makes high-quality programs sustainable and scalable.
Staying in Science is an NSF-funded study exploring how formative science experiences impact the pathways of STEM-interested students from underrepresented groups. By identifying key supports and obstacles in these youths’ pathways towards STEM careers, this study seeks to help practitioners design...
teacher and students in a math classroom
SRI is identifying programs that support science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) master teacher leaders and bringing together various groups and projects to advance the STEM field.
boy and girl student looking at a computer screen together
SRI is integrating best practices in technology-supported instructional design and formative assessment to study students’ conceptual understanding of genetics.
male middle school student doing his homework, holding a smart device
SRI has provided extensive research and development support to Texas Instrument’s calculators and educational technologies division.
three high school students studying together
Shifting federal and local policy to engage at-risk students in their learning, inspiring them to reach beyond high school graduation.
multi-ethic business people discussing work
SRI’s in-depth and tailored approach for country analysis allowed ANZSOG to efficiently assess opportunities for international program expansion.
science teacher watching two students working at laboratory activity
Concerned that too few California public school children have access to high-quality learning opportunities in science, the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning at WestEd brought together researchers to investigate science education in California.
Learn about evidence-based practices that ultimately support all students’ positive behavior, mental health, and well-being.
young man rests his head against his arm in front of a brick wall
SRI is evaluating the effectiveness of a school-based intervention program for students who have witnessed or experienced traumatic events.
girl toddler smiling
Findings from an SRI study of early childhood intervention services alerted the state's legislature to a need for changes.
school buses traveling down rural road
SRI's descriptive study of the Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP), involving approximately 6,000 grantees across the country, will help inform discussions about program reauthorization.
teacher working with student in classroom
SRI is studying the implementation and early outcomes of a new educator evaluation system in Massachusetts designed to improve educator quality and student achievement.
teacher and students in a classroom
SRI is studying the implementation and outcomes of one Massachusetts district’s performance-based compensation system funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Teacher Incentive Fund grant.
This work investigated maker-centered learning communities for educators to inform ongoing efforts to support and connect the growing movement of maker educators.
two young students working at computers
SRI evaluated the impact of an initiative to create more high-quality educational options across Chicago.
Calfornia flag and Capitol building
This project sought to answer state policymakers’ immediate questions about early implementation of California’s new school finance system, the Local Control Funding Formula.
Young male teacher smiling at camera with students behind him
SRI is analyzing the impact of the Center's efforts to recruit, support, and train effective teachers in Texas.
graduating seniors in cap and gown
SRI’s study of the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP), the largest outreach program that the University of California operates to increase college-going opportunities for underserved student populations, included site visits to all 10 EAOP sites and an analysis of EAOP college outcomes relative...
screenshot of the SCORE software application
STORE uses Google Earth to help students investigate projected climate changes in their own areas.
boy sitting at computer at the library
SRI examined data on 900 young adults with autism to characterize their school and career choices after high school.
Example of a digital math activity used by students
SRI is replacing traditional middle school mathematics units with a set of “peak experiences” that provide a more engaging and meaningful way to interact with the subject.
teacher working with a young student
SRI evaluated the impact of teachers’ participation in a professional development intervention to improve teachers’ knowledge, attitudes, and instructional strategies in math across preschool to third grade classrooms.
teacher surrounded by young students
A series of SRI reports for policymakers about California’s teacher workforce has been credited with increasing investments in teacher development and improving workforce quality.
adult students in computer classroom with teacher
SRI Education is investigating the role and efficacy of online learning technologies targeting basic literacy and math outcomes for low-skilled adults enrolled in adult basic education programs.
SRI is studying the integration of computer science and mathematics concepts in a middle school course, with a goal to explain students' learning of four concepts that are part of both disciplines.
Example of a student activity using proportional reasoning
This project used a cross-disciplinary approach to help middle school students become data-literate.
gamers looking at computer screens with a virtual scene on wall behind them
SRI International uses virtual gaming environments to research online behavior across cultures.
SRI is evaluating the implementation and impact of Virginia's use of federal funding to increase access to and improve the quality of state-funded preschool in 13 school districts in high-need communities.
teacher and young student smiling at camera
For this government resource, SRI reviewed research and practice guide development relevant to students with disabilities.