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researcher analyzing biocrude oil
An SRI-led team is improving a new two-step process for the production of transportation fuels from microalgae.
power plant
SRI's process produces pure hydrogen while capturing carbon dioxide and acid gases.
artist's rendering of a lump of coal with black oil dripping from it
SRI has developed a green, cost-effective approach to create liquid fuels from existing natural resources.
SRI's proof-of-concept system
SRI is developing a safe, low-pressure, conformable natural gas tank for light-duty vehicles.
people in a computer server room
SRI provides technical, management, and subject matter expert support for the wide range of research, development, testing, evaluation, and transition activities conducted through the Center.
An SRI researcher observes FRASTA images on a computer
SRI has developed a breakthrough technology for diagnosing and predicting fatigue failure in pipelines, aircraft, bridges, power plants, and other structures using quantitative 3D fractography.
hollow fiber membrane being inserted into a pressure value
SRI’s hollow fiber membrane separates hydrogen from carbon dioxide at high temperatures and improves the economics of carbon capture from IGCC plants.
men lowering MIMS system into the water
For the Department of Energy, SRI and partners studied methane hydrate deposits in the Gulf of Mexico.
SRI researcher working on SRI's mixed- salt process
SRI’s mixed salt process uses known solvents in a new way to dramatically improve the economics of carbon capture.