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Evaluation of the New Teacher Center i3 Scale-Up Grant

SRIʼs four-year evaluation has a randomized controlled trial design to assess the implementation and impact of NTCʼs intensive new teacher mentoring and support in five geographically diverse districts.

SRI is conducting an independent four-year evaluation of the New Teacher Center’s federally funded Investing in Innovation (i3) scale-up grant. The grant funds comprehensive support for beginning teachers in five geographically diverse locations. The NTC model features one-on-one mentoring for new teachers by trained mentors and formative assessment tools designed to improve the new teachers’ effectiveness and their students’ achievement.

To analyze the impact of NTC induction on beginning teacher retention, beginning teacher practice, and student outcomes, SRI education researchers developed a rigorous design of cluster randomized controlled trials at each of the five sites. The researchers are conducting classroom observations and using secondary data on teacher retention and student achievement to analyze outcomes of interest.

SRI is also examining NTC’s implementation and scaling of its induction model, evaluating implementation fidelity and providing formative feedback to NTC. Implementation data will come from teacher and mentor surveys, mentor logs, and district and school interviews.

For preliminary results of teacher and student impact, please download this evaluation update.

Co-Principal Investigator: Katrina Laguarda

Co-Principal Investigator: Rebecca Schmidt

Co-Principal Investigator: Haiwen Wang

Project Director: Deepa Patel