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teacher surrounded by teenage students at desk

Evaluation of the Texas High School Project

SRI and its colleagues examined this public-private alliance that aimed to transform the quality of high school education in Texas.

Reforming high schools to achieve better educational outcomes is at the top of most national, state, and local education agendas. One of the country’s most ambitious statewide efforts to prepare college- and career-ready high school graduates was the Texas High School Project (THSP). THSP encompassed such initiatives as High Schools That Work; High School Redesign and Restructuring; Early College High Schools; New Schools and Charter Schools; Texas Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (T-STEM); and High School Redesign.

To provide policymakers and educators with objective, timely, and targeted information on the progress and success of these high school reform initiatives, SRI and its subcontractors conducted a four-year longitudinal evaluation of THSP. The team examined the role of state and district policy, school reform networks and support providers, school conditions, and teacher and student activities in the implementation of THSP reforms.

The mixed-methods approach included qualitative interviews and case studies, quantitative surveys, and other analyses. Using a quasi-experimental approach, the team tracked the effects of the THSP programs on outcomes for THSP students relative to their peers in well-matched comparison schools.

Co-Principal Investigator: Barbara Means
Project Director: Viki Young