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soldiers participating in an after-action review in a tent

eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC)

Called “the best training we’ve ever received” by participating soldiers, SRI's instrumented combat-readiness exercises develop life-saving skills prior to deployment.

The eXportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) is a program of record used by the Army National Guard since 2005 to train more than 11 combat and functional brigades. XCTC is a cost-efficient, time-efficient option for delivering combat readiness training to soldiers at or near their home stations. This scalable live-training program has proven effective for pre-mobilization forces, in accordance with the Army Force Generation model.

SRI is the prime contractor, managing all planning, execution, and recovery of exercises. Support packages include operational support to the Title 32 Commander and Army National Guard Training Division, scenario development, exercise control, personnel and vehicle tracking devices, instrumented 3D after action review capabilities, administrative communication systems, battlefield immersion (including role players), battlefield effects (using simulated improvised explosive devices), OPFOR, portable village structures, video documentation, logistics support, and related capabilities.

The instrumented 3D AAR capability is provided by SRI's FlexTrain system, a rapidly deployable technology-readiness-level-9 instrumentation system based upon global positioning system (GPS) satellite navigation and wireless shared medium networks. The FlexTrain system is now offered through Ravenswood Solutions, a wholly owned SRI subsidiary.