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SRI's falling-bead reactor

Falling-Bead Reactor for Carbon Dioxide Separation

SRI’s carbon capture system can make economic sense today at facilities that produce and consume carbon dioxide.

Coal-fired power plants and many industrial operations produce carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas produced during the combustion of fossil fuels. SRI and ATMI, Inc., an Entegris company, are developing a low-cost, energy-efficient, adsorption-based technology to remove CO2 from flue gas streams. The system uses ATMI’s BrightBlack® precision-engineered carbon adsorbents to selectively capture CO2 from flue gas in a process developed by SRI.  

SRI’s proprietary process uses a single, integrated column combining adsorption and regeneration in one process unit. CO2 is removed from the flue gas by countercurrent contact with ATMI's adsorbent carbon beads as they fall through the adsorption section at the top of the column. The CO2-laden adsorbent is then regenerated at the bottom of the column by direct contact with low-grade steam, heating the carbon and displacing nearly pure CO2, which is then collected for reuse. The adsorbent beads continuously recirculate in the system.

ATMI’s carbons possess a unique combination of exceptionally high capacity for CO2 coupled with low regeneration energy requirements. These adsorbents “pull” the CO2 out of flue gas streams, which are typically 3 to 15 percent CO2 (depending on the fuel source), and capture it in nanopores only twice the width of the CO2 molecules themselves.

A 40 kWe reactor is currently undergoing testing on a slipstream at a field site. In 2016, Linde LLC will construct a 1 MWe unit for additional testing.

ATMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Entegris, Inc.

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