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map of nevada with magnifying glass on it
SRI provided much-needed objective economic and industry analysis as a platform for Nevada to formulate a new path toward economic regrowth and revival.
Columbus, OH skyline view
SRI's analyses and recommendations have bolstered support for a nearly $1 billion program extension.
a group of happy trained workers
A talented, trained workforce is necessary for competitive advantage. Increasing the supply of high-quality human resources is central to building competitive industry clusters and sustainable economic growth. Improving employee skills improves company competitiveness.
graphic showing computer code falling into a book
SRI’s analysis suggests that the CMG program significantly increased the interdisciplinarity of geoscientists and mathematical scientists it has supported.
scientist making up a solution in a test tube
SRI prepared success strategies for a new research and development park in China.
city view of Roanoke, Virginia
In 2009, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine acted upon SRI recommendations to make strategic investments to nurture statewide innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization of up-and-coming technologies.
A medical research laser
SRI measured the impacts of industry and academic collaborations aimed at strengthening U.S. competitiveness in engineering research.
SRI is developing a new class of sorbents that can enable an efficient and cost-effective process for recovery of lithium from geothermal brines. The availability of additional revenue from lithium recovery and sales can expand the number of economically viable, green geothermal plants, with the...
Muscat, Oman cityscape at night
Using a proprietary NIE assessment technique, SRI mapped the main pillars, frameworks, drivers and institutions underpinning Oman’s innovation capacity.
building on the KACST campus
SRI conceptualized and designed the main features and structures of a new national program to nurture Saudi Arabia's next generation of world-class researchers, educators, and innovators in science and technology.
Kingdom Centre tower building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
SRI developed a national strategy for Saudi Arabia's long-term science and technology plan.
screenshot of 3D virtual environment
SRI is developing the next generation of online learning tools to meet the needs of a changing workforce.
close-up of a map of Florida on a globe
SRI created a comprehensive approach and marketing strategy for target clusters in key economic growth areas.
scientist holding up a sample
In a program organized by SRI, senior government officials met to discuss and learn ways to collaborate internationally on areas of strategic importance in science and technology.
woman in yoga pose on the grass
SRI has developed comprehensive analyses of the global wellness industry.
STATIC can harvest over two-thirds of the cold sky cooling power through direct radiative cooling of objects in full sun.
college in Nevada
In a report for the Nevada State Legislature, SRI evaluated how U.S. states fund higher education and compared them to Nevada's funding approaches.
Saudi Arabian students in a classroom
To determine the optimal focus for the new university, SRI assessed the technology and educational needs and resources of the Kingdom's industry and society.
multi-ethic business people discussing work
SRI’s in-depth and tailored approach for country analysis allowed ANZSOG to efficiently assess opportunities for international program expansion.