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an SRI researcher examines a medical device prototype

MISTRAL Pediatric Device Consortium

To address a critical healthcare need, SRI is partnering to develop medical devices for treating children.

The Multidisciplinary Initiative for Surgical Technology Research—Advanced Laboratory ( MISTRAL) Pediatric Device Consortium was launched in 2007 to overcome barriers to developing devices for pediatric surgery. By integrating broad-based teams of engineers, clinicians, and business partners, MISTRAL nurtures design solutions through a dynamic interplay of engineering, medical, and business talent. In 2010, the consortium was awarded a $1M grant from the Food and Drug Administration.

MISTRAL partners leverage deep expertise and resourceful innovation. SRI contributes a strong record of bringing to market medical advances with far-reaching impact (for example, ultrasound imaging). As a renowned leader in innovative care and research, the Stanford University School of Medicine trains specialists in pediatric medical care at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

All the partners are dedicated to addressing the needs of children. Their focus extends beyond surgery to include applying emerging technology for key improvements in medical treatment and care. Technology development includes advances in gastrointestinal endoscopy, neonatal intensive care, and information technology. Rather than limit its reach, MISTRAL is also dedicated to encompassing other hospitals and technology developers.

Within the consortium, creative, focused professionals endeavor to benefit children with unique and powerful advances in medical technology.