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Montana Continuous Improvement in Literacy Partnership

SRI, the Montana Office of Public Instruction, and Montana middle and high schools are undertaking a continuous school improvement project to support secondary literacy outcomes.

The Montana Literacy Plan (MLP) was developed to address the demands of the Common Core State Standards for Reading. MLP was a comprehensive approach that promulgated policies and evidence-based practices spanning preK to 12th grade to guide decision making in improving student achievement. In support of the MLP, in 2011 Montana was one of seven states to receive federal funds to implement the Striving Readers Program. Although progress has been made in the 39 striving reader schools, Montana’s state and secondary school leadership teams have concerns about the performance of economically disadvantaged students, American Indian students, English learners, and those receiving special education services.

In this four-year partnership, SRI researchers, Montana Office of Public Instruction leaders and teachers and administrators in four secondary schools will address these concerns. They will implement a continuous improvement process tailored to the needs of each of the schools, use data from the Montana longitudinal secondary data system to depict historical trends in literacy outcomes across the state and by subgroups, and include a comparison study of schools participating in the Montana Striving Readers Program (but not the partnership) to understand the literacy challenges and monitor the impact of the solutions.

The product of this project will be a Montana Secondary Literacy Model guide that includes a description of the theory of change, educational approach, and recommendations for improving literacy outcomes based on findings from the studies conducted under the partnership.