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Pearson Research Quality Review

SRI Education provides an independent review of Pearson’s reports and efficacy statements regarding learner outcomes.

A team of SRI Education researchers with expertise in study design and quantitative methodology is independently reviewing Pearson’s research and efficacy statements on the use of its products and their impact on learners and learning.

At the start of the partnership, SRI helped Pearson codify its research quality criteria into tiered levels of evidence to reflect best practices in the field. In drafting its research criteria, Pearson drew from both the evidence levels in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the 2006 American Educational Research Association's Standards for Reporting on Empirical Social Science Research.

On an ongoing basis, the SRI team assesses whether Pearson’s analyses, technical reporting, and associated efficacy statements comply with these research quality criteria. SRI largely reviews a variety of comparative research evidence, drawing from ESSA’s “promising” level of evidence, and correlational research evidence, adapting standards for studies that do not include a comparison group.

Principal Investigator: Nicole Arshan
Project Director: Jared Boyce