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ground vehicle with complex mapping sensor system
SRI is developing technology that will enable warfighters to easily maneuver a robot, precisely map an environment, and have 3D situational awareness.
soldier viewing video on a tablet
DARPA taps SRI to deliver usable video and analytics to U.S. Armed Forces when and where they need it.
bioscience workers in a lab
SRI is conducting preclinical development of treatments for diseases such as tuberculosis, West Nile virus, hepatitis, and biodefense pathogens and toxins.
man viewing video on laptop
SRI is developing a novel search technology to quickly find events of interest in very large video collections.
two men fine-tuning mixed-reality cameras and helmet sensors
SRI’s mixed reality training system provides comprehensive mission rehearsal tools to improve warfighter training.
the ARM-H robotic hand
SRI and partners are developing highly dexterous low-cost robotic hands for military applications and other real-world uses.
Binary Fission logo
By playing a game, citizen scientists can help increase reliability of mission-critical software systems.
row of vials containing glowing material
In a nuclear or radiological incident, first responders must quickly measure the radiation exposure of a large number of individuals, since treatment options are radiation dose-dependent and time-sensitive. SRI is developing a biodosimeter to meet this critical challenge.
screenshot of the Integrated Bootstrapped Learning software interface
SRI and partners developed human-instructable computing technology to let users change software in ways that traditionally require skilled programmers.
U.S. soldier shaking hands with an Afghan man
SRI is creating technology to translate multiple foreign languages in all genres, retrieve information from translated material, and enable bilingual communication via speech or text.
CTSRD computer system components
SRI and the University of Cambridge are designing, prototyping, and analyzing trustworthy computer systems that can be gradually adopted with high reliability, resilience, and assurance, effectively letting system and application developers ‘wipe the slate clean' in incremental steps.
people in a computer server room
SRI provides technical, management, and subject matter expert support for the wide range of research, development, testing, evaluation, and transition activities conducted through the Center.
soliders seen in night vision
SRI’s low-light CMOS image sensor will bring enhanced day and night situational awareness to U.S. troops through the DARPA PIXNET program.
SRI researcher looks at a Deep STARE imager and camera system.
To keep astronauts, equipment, and satellites out of harm’s way, SRI provides a rare capability to quickly track tens of thousands of objects in near-Earth space.
Dovetail logo
SRI and partners are developing new tools to extract better meaning and actionable analysis from data sources.
soldiers viewing arial surveillance images
Called “the best training we’ve ever received” by participating soldiers, instrumented combat-readiness exercises for members of the National Guard develop life-saving skills prior to deployment.
diagram showing how language is used in various settings
SRI is developing software that can uniquely identify a system’s users from spoken and written inputs, rather than using passwords.
SRI is developing new technology to reliably control thousands of micro-robots for smart manufacturing of macro-scale products in compact, integrated systems.
scientist checking a batch of vaccines
SRI has patented a novel approach to vaccine delivery that is safe for pediatric use, eliminating the need for painful injections.
scientist working with a chelating agent
A new oral version of a known chelating agent can defend against mass radiation exposure in a terrorist attack.
green boxes highlighting people walking on street
SRI’s vision-based systems enable safe operations of moving unmanned ground vehicles around stationary and moving people in urban or cluttered environments.
gloved hand inserting a cartridge into the sentinel device
From raw sample to molecular results in minutes: The Sentinel Nucleic Acid Analysis System offers portable, real-time diagnosis of health conditions.
PRIME project logo
SRI is developing a decision support tool to help analysts forecast and understand the plausible effects of actions taken within complex socio-cultural environments.
SRI researchers examine a IPDM test device.
SRI has developed a novel approach to safely and efficiently render harmless weapons and ammunition that are no longer needed for military use.
SRI is improving the robustness of speech processing technologies and transitioning them to government partners for use in highly noisy operational audio conditions.
image collage showing SRI's biometric system and a close-up of a man's eyes
SRI International is developing a system that delivers affordable, accurate iris recognition of moving subjects at a distance.
The SAVE framework supports training in virtual environments through automated assessment of learner performance and tools for content authoring.
artist's conception of a decomposing electronic component
To meet an important military challenge, SRI is designing a sensor system that can disappear on command.
SRI is developing a method to enable rapid, large-scale response to a bioterrorism threat or an infectious disease epidemic.
TRACE: Preventing Advanced Persistent Threat Cyberattacks
SRI is developing an advanced system that would quickly help detect APTs and other increasingly sophisticated attacks.
track boxes around people walking through a parking lot
SRI is developing a prototype system to automatically detect and track multiple individuals in a crowd.
the prototypical Trauma Pod operating suite
With SRI as lead integrator, DARPA collaborators demonstrated how a remotely operated trauma pod could deliver emergency first-response treatment in the battlefield to stabilize patients for transport.
gamers looking at computer screens with a virtual scene on wall behind them
SRI International uses virtual gaming environments to research online behavior across cultures.
illustration of a security camera with watching eyes
SRI’s visual intelligence system could enable a new era in unmanned robotic surveillance.
Xylem illustration showing Eugene the explorer
Researchers have created a computer game that could transform the problem of proving software correctness.