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Strategic Learning Consulting

SRI has provided extensive research and development support to Texas Instrument’s (TI's) calculators and educational technologies division.

As with all its Strategic Learning Consulting projects, SRI adapts its services to maximize the client value. Over more than five years, SRI has supported TI’s introduction of new, more advanced offerings to the education market.  SRI has facilitated strategic planning, summarized the research basis for products, brought research insights to product definition and roadmap sessions, helped connect TI to additional research partners, and provided guidance on how to effectively use and communicate its research results.

SRI has also provided expert speakers to communicate about educational research to key audiences and has shared information on changes in the educational policy landscape. A series of research notes SRI helped TI produce are publicly available.

A signature aspect of the Strategic Learning Consulting service is SRI's ability to distill a vast research literature into concise, actionable insights that increase the value of a company’s offerings.

“SRI adds significant value to our product direction decisions by skillfully synthesizing math and science teaching and learning research results into clear recommendations,” said Melendy Lovett, President, Education Technology Group, Texas Instruments.