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Strategy Assessment for Australia & New Zealand School of Government

SRI’s analysis equipped ANZSOG to assess international program expansion opportunities.

The founding vision of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government Ltd. (ANZSOG) was to create a world-leading educational institution that teaches strategic management and high-level policy to public sector leaders and that acts as a trusted facilitator helping governments find solutions to real world public issues. As part of a strategic planning process and the preparation of a new international strategy, ANZSOG partnered with SRI to develop a framework for assessing and prioritizing markets for potential future international activity and education program development.

Drawing upon best practices for conducting country assessments, SRI worked with ANZSOG to objectively assess countries’ potential for development of executive-level education programs in governance. SRI’s tailored approach involved three stages of analysis:

  • Synthesis of more than 90 quantitative indicators—including standardized data and indicators created/scored by SRI—leading to the identification of 20 high-potential countries for possible ANZSOG program development.

  • Development of 20 in-depth country assessment reports interpreting the findings of the indicator-based analysis and indicating possible directions for further qualitative investigation.

  • Preparation of a business development framework and tool (drawing on the Logframe methodology) for ANZSOG to use in conducting consistent, efficient evaluations of potential future international opportunities.

SRI’s close and iterative work process with ANZSOG ensured that the analytical approach would not only address the client’s goals in the short-term (identifying which country markets have potential for program development right now), but would also provide a usable methodology for ANZSOG to continue to assess international opportunities on its own over the longer-term.